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Amulet Combinations

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This package for wealth contains two amulets, a locket and two Mantras.
This package consists of an amulet, a locket and two Mantras. (Read the experience of a User of this talisman.)
With the appropriate Yantra, locket and Mantra, this package will ensure good health.
Comprising of a locket, an amulet and a Mantra, this is the ideal combination for those who desire to have children.
This package has the most appropriate Yantras, locket and Mantra for gaining success in one's career and professional life.
This combination of a locket, an amulets and the corresponding Mantra will provide protection form evil wishes and help to overcome enemies.
This comprises of two separate Yantras for overcoming obstacles and problems, one locket and the appropriate Mantras.
This package has the Yantra, locket and Mantra for suitably strengthening and appeasing all the planets in one's horoscope.
A combination of amulets & a divination tool to increase psychic ability and awaken spiritual awareness.
For the blessings of the Goddess of knowledge for success in academics & learning.
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