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Astrology Signs

Astrology Signs When viewed from Earth over a 12 month period, the Sun transverses an elliptical course against a background of the constellations. This orbit can be divided into twelve parts, these are the zodiacs or Sun signs.

There are twelve signs in the zodiac, these are represented as a wheel. The outer rim of the wheel represents the zodiac, depicted as a symbolic circle of animals, the belt containing the constellations. The planets and luminaries (the Sun and the Moon) move through these constellations, along the plane of the ellipse. Some sectors of the zodiac, coinciding with named constellations, have been found to be important in astrology. They have been chosen to represent the astrological signs, although technically the signs and constellations no longer coincide in Western Astrology.

There are twelve signs, divided into thirty degrees each. The circle of the zodiac is therefore divided into three hundred and sixty degrees, each in itself significant - although the specific influence of degrees is beyond the scope of our brief analysis. Each sign, however, indicates a set of deep-seated behavioural characteristics and typical responses to the influence of circumstances. Particular planets can be either sympathetic or otherwise to specific signs. The path of the planets through the signs reveals the map of destiny.

The positions of the planets and their relationships determine your character, knowledge of the symbolism is the key.

Zodiac Sign
Dates of Sign
Dates of Constellation
March 21 to April 20
March 21 to April 18
April 21 to May 20
April 19 to May 10
May 21, 22 to June 21
May 11 to June 18
June 22 to July 22
June 19 to July 21
5. Leo
July 23 to Aug 22
July 22 to Aug 10
Aug 23, 24 to Sept 22
Aug 11 to Sept 17
Sept 23, 24 to Oct 22
Sept 18 to Nov 3
Oct 23, 24 to Nov 22
Nov 4 to Nov 16
Nov 23 to Dec 21, 23
Nov 17 to Dec 13
Dec 22, 24 to Jan 20
Dec 14 to Jan 21
Jan 21 to Feb 19
Jan 22 to Feb 14
12. Pisces
Feb 20 to March 20
Feb 15 to March 21
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