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The word 'Yoga'comes from the Sanskrit word 'YOJ', which means, 'To Unite'. The final aim of Yoga is to unite the individual self with the universal self. In the ancient text, four types of Yogas have been described, these are:
  • Hath Yoga
  • Laya Yoga
  • Mantra Yoga
  • Raj Yoga

Yoga as it is practiced today is considered to be a combination of Hath and Raj Yogas and is known as, 'Stanga Yoga'.

Theyogic practice of 'Pranayam' , refers to streams of energy or 'Nadis',in the body. Loosely, 'Nadis' correspond to veins, arteries andcapillaries, or the respiratory and circulatory systems. The 'Ida' and'Pingala'  nadis carry the sun current and the moon currentrespectively, to different parts of the body. A third nadi, the 'Shushumbhna',is a very fine, brilliant thread running through the spinal cord alongwhich the 'Kundalini', or 'Sleeping Serpent' ascends. Awakeningthe Kundalini is the highest step in Tantrik practices.

Accordingto Vaastu Shastra, natural energies such as solar, gravitational, magneticetc flow from the North - East direction.  This flow of energycorresponds to 'Ida' an is auspicious. On the other hand theSouth - West is inauspicious and corresponds to the the yogic flow, 'Pingala'.

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