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Fortune Telling

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Since ancient times man has strived to search out the unknown. His pursuit of knowledge of the future has led to the creation of many different methods of fortune telling such as astrology, numerology, I–ching, crystallomancy (reading of a crystal ball), palmistry (cheiromancy), as well as psychic readings to mention but a few. Fortune Telling is defined as the practice of predicting the future, usually of an individual, through mystical or supernatural means.

How do the more popular forms of fortune telling differ?

Astrology requires an accurate time, place and date of birth of the concerned person, their name is also of help. From these details, the horoscope chart prevalent at that exact point in time, at that particular location is cast. Applying the laws of astrology, allows an astrologer to make predictions about the future depending on the position of different planets, their characteristics and the transits that will pass. Infographic on fortune telling through astrology. Tarot card readings involve the user drawing his or her choice of cards from the pack. The tarot reader is then required to use their psychic ability to interpret card meanings and thus divine the future. Even the most accomplished tarot card readers find it difficult to objectively interpret their own cards and therefore rely on others to make readings for them.

Ancient civilizations, have held that all information about the past, present and future is recorded in the very fabric of the Universe. According to Hindu mythology, the 'Akashic Records', which are located in the depths of the Universe, hold this information and this is available for access to anyone with a sufficiently elevated level of consciousness. This may not be as far fetched as it seems. Today, some theoretical quantum physicists suggest that our consciousness maybe made of quantum information that merges with a 'Universal Consciousness' or intelligence, when the body no longer exists.
This YouTube video offers an intriguing explanantion of the scientific reasoning behind this theory.

Infographic on fortune telling through Tarot Cards.
  • Advantages of Tarot Cards:
  • Tarot cards are a well rounded form of fortune telling, it can provide accurate details for almost any future event. Unlike astrology, the exact time and place of birth of a person for a reading, but their zodiac sign is required.
  • Shortcomings of Tarot Cards:
  • Again, unlike astrology it is not necessary that the answer to a question will appear in a Tarot reading. There will be be details of future events, but jumbled thoughts can throw up jumbled readings. Making a correct reading depends entirely on how well the Tarot reader interprets the layout, in relation to the question, hence experience is very important. Also, predicting the correct timings of events requires sufficient practice.
  • Tarot Cards are suitable for:
  • Tarot card are suitable for providing accurate details about all major areas of life, even if these may be somewhat trivial.
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Psychic readings are solely reliant on the intuitive powers of the fortune teller. Psychic ability is a power that has to be developed through practice and is categorised as an extra-sensory ability, also known as ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). This also includes clairvoyance and precognition and involves focusing one's consciouness so that knowledge contained in the 'Universal Consciouness' can be accessed. This is why many psychic fortune tellers have to practice meditation to help elevate there levels of spiritual awareness. Discerning a genuine psychic from a fraud is the greatest limitation of this method of fortune telling. Infographic on fortune telling through psychic readings.

Fortune Telling from the Cards

Cartomancy is the ancient method of predicting the future with cards. It is impossible to trace the prehistoric beginnings of cardlore, as divination by the cards is of great antiquity. One theory holds that Europe obtained playing cards from the East, notably India and China after the invention of paper. Indian cards have many distinctive elements, such as being round, being generally hand painted with intricate designs and comprising more than four suits (often as many as twelve).
Power Fortunes' Amazing Tarot derived Fortune Telling Cards
    Ancient Chinese ‘Money Cards’ have four suits:
  1. Coins (or cash).
  2. Strings of coins (which may have been misinterpreted as sticks from crude drawings).
  3. Myriads of strings.
  4. Tens of myriads. These were represented by ideograms, with numerals of 2–9 in the first three suits and numerals 1–9 in the ‘Tens of Myriads’.
The first cards may have been actual paper currency which were both the tools of gaming and the stakes being played for. The designs on modern Mahjong tiles and dominoes likely evolved from those earliest playing cards. The Chinese word p‘ai is used to describe both paper cards and gaming tiles. Another theory separates the cards of the West entirely from those of the East and holds that Western cards originated in northern Italy early in the 15th century (1420–1440). While in medieval Holland, the Dutch invented a game called ‘Ik ben de meester van het heelal’ which means ‘I am the master of the Universe’. This was followed by the introduction of a similar Italian  made a game called ‘Soro il padorone dell Universo’, which means ‘Master of the Universe‘.