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Fortune Telling Online

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At PowerFortunes.com we have different fortune telling services for different needs:
  1. Send you questions to our resident expert astrologers or Tarot reader. You can explain your questions in detail and if need be, we may get back to you for more details about your situation. These readings are not immediate, as your questions are carefully analysed against each aspect of your horoscope or Tarot layout, depending on the service you choose. So, what is taken up in time, is made up for in detail and advice. Your reading is then sent to you by e-mail and you can then refer back to us at anytime in the future, if you need further information or clarifications. These types of readings offer you the most flexibility and options. Also, the answers you receive, will be fairly detailed and will provide both details about your future and advice about remedies to your problems. Of course, the exact nature of these answers will depend on the specific questions that you ask. Your options for these services are:
  2. Live Online Fortune Tellers: If you need an immediate consultation, you can text or voice chat with our online experts, right now. They are available to listen to your problems, offer advice and answer your questions about the future. There are experts who practice different forms of fortune telling, including:
    • Psychic Readings: A genuine clairvoyant will connect with the Universal consciousness to predict events in your future.
    • Tarot Readings: Tarot cards provide solutions and background information that you are probably not be aware of.
    • Dream Analysis: Dreams often result when our sub-conscious mind connects with the Universal consciousness. Only an expert can tell you what they mean.
    • Kabbalah: This ancient esoteric tradition of Judaism can interpret your relationship with the Universe.
    • Past Life Readings: Who or what you were in a past life, determines the course of your present life.
    • All Categories: View all the experts that are online right now.
  3. Use our Free Online Fortune Telling Cards. They are easy to use, you don't have consult anyone and they are FREE of charge.

How do I choose the right kind of fortune teller?

If you need an answer to a specific question about an event in the future, you should opt for an Tarot reading, a psychic reading or advice from a clairvoyant.

If you have been experiencing problems over a period of time and need help in understanding the reasons for this, answers related to the future and advice on remedial measures, choose an astrologer.

For more details, visit our Fortune Telling page.

You can also find guidelines that will help you to get the most out of your astrology reading here.

Are there any free fortune telling services on the Web?

To the best of our knowledge, there are no free, professional fortune telling services. However, many enthusiasts do offer free readings on Reddit and on fora such as Linda-Goodman. These readings are of different kinds, including astrology, Tarot, spiritual and psychic readings. But remember, these services are usually offered by people who wish to practice their skills, in their spare time. Hence, you will not be at liberty to demand more than what is being offered volantarily.
Customers Say »»
The PowerFortunes.com free fortune telling programme has been designed by professional freelance software developer, Ravi S. Singh, ravi_bhatti@rediffmail.com.

Whereas most interactive Tarot Card programmes lay emphasis on interpreting the meanings of cards in relation to their position, this programme uses computer logic to replicate the card reading principles of the third layout of the Power Fortunes' Pack, exactly. This allows the programme to achieve a high degree of accuracy and the interpretation of the readings is left to the User  to decipher from the meanings that are displayed in text.

However, a computer programme will always lack that human element of intuition, so it cannot be expected to be as accurate a making a prediction, whilst physically using these Fortune Telling Cards.