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Lucky Charms & Gambling

We get many enquiries from people who would like to know what they can do to win at games of chance such as betting, gambling or lotteries.
In astrology, earning or winning money through such means depends on the IInd, VIth, VIIIth, IXth, XIIth and to a lesser extent, the Xth and XIth houses of one's birth chart, as shown in the figure. These houses relate to wealth, unexpected earnings/winnings, fate, material gains, financial losses and actions. Analysing a person's horoscope through a Gambling Astrology Report is an accurate way of determining potentially just how likely they are to make winnings through such means.
Houses of a horoscope chart that relate to luck in gambling.Houses in a Birth Chart
Whether your objective is to acquire unearned wealth through a combination of luck and skill or by gambling in an online casino, the influence of the ruling planets of the above mentioned horoscope houses has to be favourable along with the placement of favourable planets within these houses. People with such favourable placements will win more than others and this good fortune will occur if such activities are attempted when these planets are auspiciously aligned.

If you have tried your luck at games of chance, betting or speculation, but have lost more than you've won, or if you haven't had much success, this would be a strong indication that your horoscope may not be conducive for winning money through such means.

  • So what can you do?
    There are genuine, concrete actions that you can take to increase you chances of winning and reduce losses:
  1. Play to your strengths. Identify the forms of gambling, betting and speculation that are suitable for you, according to your horoscope. Some forms of gambling rely on sheer luck, like say roulette, while others have elements of skill and luck, like say some card games. If your horoscope is such that your efforts are strong, but your luck is not, or number based games can be more profitable for you than others, then you should choose the forms of gambling that you engage in, accordingly.
  2. Timing is everything. Engage in gambling, betting or speculation only during periods that will be profitable for you and avoid those periods when your luck in such matters will not be favourable.
  3. Tweak fate. Acquire those talismans or good luck charms that can have a strong positive influence on the planets that favour you and reduce the effects of those planets that can cause you losses.
  4. Give yourself an unfair advantage. Acquire those lucky charms and talismans that can give you a lucky advantage over the competition. Acquiring these types of lucky charms in combination will allow them to supplement each other's powers. Also, not all of us are aware of our exact time of birth, which is essential to cast an accurate horoscope. Effective lucky objects such as those given below, will help to improve one's luck irrespective of horoscope details.
  5. Use your individual details. Making calculations based on your complete name and date of birth can determine those numbers, days and astrological characteristics that can bring you luck, both in games of chance and in life, in general. Try our free , this will give you details of your lucky numbers as well as other information such as how much luck you can expect in games of chance, on today's date.
But, make no mistake, in spite of the above, there are no guarantees. Irrespective of what you might of seen on the web or or at other places, nobody can guarantee your success. Talismans, amulets, lucky objects and alike are ways or media to bring you positive psychic and spiritual energy that will translate into good fortune in the area of your life for which it is intend. But, God or the 'Almighty', by whichever name we know him, is the only entity that knows the bigger picture and who possesses the power to provide guarantees. To do so is beyond the power of any human being and anyone who does, needs to take a reality check.
Lucky Charms, The Horse Shoe 1. HORSE SHOE.
Fixing an upright, used horse shoe at the top right corner of your front door-frame or in a North facing, upright position inside your home/office helps to attract good luck and success into your home and life. Can bring success in:
  1. Lotteries, lotto
  2. Scratch cards
  3. Slot machines
Rudraksh Beads 2. RUDRAKSH BEADS.
Rudraksh beads represent Lord Shiva, who forms part of the divine Hindu trinity. This very powerful and auspicious charm bestows spiritual powers, good fortune, fame and material happiness. The Rudraksh can be worn as a single bead pendant talisman, or as a necklace of 108 Rudraksh beads, as shown in the image. Can bring success in:
  1. Card games, poker, blackjack
  2. Lotteries, lotto
  3. Bingo
  4. Casino games
  5. Slot machines
Lucky Charms, The Swastik 3. SWASTIK.
In Hindu mythology this is the sign of good luck as it represents the Hindu Lord of good fortune, 'Ganesh'. 'Swastik' is a Sanskrit word that means, 'Purveyor of Good Fortune' and wearing this as a locket/pendant helps the wearer to carry good luck with them and to achieve success in their objectives. Can bring success in:
  1. Card games, poker, blackjack, bridge
  2. Number based games, bingo
  3. Casino games
  4. Slot machines
  5. Scratch cards
  6. Lotteries, lotto
Crystal Talisman4. CRYSTAL SHRI YANTRA.
This talisman is like a particle accelerator for positive spiritual energy and brings prosperity, success, good fortune and an increase in material assets. This is to be placed in your home and can bring success in:
  1. Card games, poker, blackjack
  2. Number based games, bingo
  3. Casino games
  4. Slot machines
  5. Scratch cards
  6. Lotteries, lotto
  7. Betting
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Lucky Charms, The Swastik5. SARV KARYA SIDDHI NECKLACE.
This a powerful good luck charm that should correct any deficiencies in those houses of one's natal chart that prevent winning in games of chance. Can bring success in:
  1. All games of chance
  2. Card games, poker, blackjack
  3. Number based games, bingo
  4. Casino games
  5. Slot machines
  6. Scratch cards
  7. Lotteries, lotto
  8. Betting and speculation
This is very similar to the solid crystal Shri Yantra talisman shown above, but this is in a form that can be worn and carried around. Wearing this charm will also improve your powers of concentration, intuition and keep you calm in pressure situations. Can bring success in:
  1. Card games, poker, blackjack
  2. Number based games, bingo
  3. Casino games
  4. Slot machines
  5. Scratch cards
  6. Lotteries, lotto
  7. Betting

The World’s Luckiest Casino Player -

Luck at the casino tables comes from believing in yourself and as we have already established, lucky charms can really be helpful when trying to get lucky. Here is a story of a man who would have fulfilled the above mentioned astrological requirements to win and who definitely felt that he could walk away from the table a winner.

There have been a lot of really lucky casino players over the decades – men and women who walked in broke, and walked out with more money than they could carry. It is something we all dream about and, unfortunately, something few of us ever get to gloat about. Among these lucky few people, the world's luckiest casino player of all time is arguably Charlie Wells, a man that broke the bank at Monte Carlo on two different occasions.

Upon entering the legendary Monte Carlo casino, Charlie Wells headed straight for the roulette table. He hunkered down at that table for 11 straight hours, during which he broke the bank 12 times (breaking the bank means winning more chips than are available at the table). During one point of the evening, Wells won an astonishing 23 times out of 30 wheel spins. When all was said in done, Wells left Monte Carlo with one million Francs.

Not content with his newly found fortune, Wells returned to the Monte Carlo a few months later for some more gambling. Again he sidled up to the roulette table, and over the course of three days he earned himself another one million Francs. Notably, the wheel once obliged his five consecutive bets on the number five by dropping the ball into the number five slot five times in a row.

Naturally, the Monte Carlo suspected Charlie Wells of cheating. However, despite hiring private detectives, Wells was never exposed as a cheater. Wells himself later admitted that there was no system; he had just gotten lucky. And for his miraculous lucky streak, Charlie Wells went down in history, and even had a song written about him, 'The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo'.