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Lucky Charms

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Now were talking industrial grade good luck! This is not just a good luck charm, this is a whole good luck necklace!
Rudraksh beads have been used by the ancient sages for many different forms of good fortune, such as wealth, success, good health, spiritual enlightenment & more.
We all know that horseshoes bring good luck, but these horseshoes are the luckiest ones of all. They are genuine, worn horseshoes, that have actually been used by real horses. Polished and lacquered to a high gloss finish. **Get a with this item.
For accomplishing goals and achieving success.
For good fortune, success & overcoming obstacles.
For success, wealth & good luck.
For protection from harm.
For protection against the harmful effects of Saturn or 'Shani'.
For protection from and overcoming of enemies.
The Shri Yantra in crystal. For prosperity & success.
Lord Ganpathi's image in crystal. For success, good luck & obstacles.
A powerful charm for attracting love & romance and solving relationship problems. (.)
This charm is helpful for those who wish to have children.
For ensuring and restoring good health.
For the increasing knowledge & powers of learning through the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.
For protection against accidents.
For protection against accidents.
For good luck & success.
For good health and good fortune.
For peace, good health and good fortune.
To bring peace and strengthen all nine planets in your horoscope.
For peace, good health and good luck.
For good health and good fortune.
To bring peace, good fortune and psychic powers.
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  • These are exclusive good luck charms that you won't find anywhere else and include lucky charm pendants, lockets, horseshoes, lucky bracelets and key rings.
  • These magical lucky charms are based on spiritual and astrological knowledge contained in the ancient Vedic scriptures, adapted to make talismans and amulets to suit modern day needs.
  • For thousands of years, knowledgeable people have secretly used such talismans to prosper and overcome problems. Now you can too!
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