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Vedic Amulet & Talisman FAQs

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  1. What is a Yantra?
    • The short answer: A Yantra is a talisman based on the ancient Vedic (Hindu) belief system. This is the same belief system which has given us 'Yoga', Vedic Astrology and 'Ayurved'. All these disciplines follow common fundemental principles. For more details visit our page, about talismans and amulets.
  2. Do Yantras really work?
    • Yes, but then you’d expect us to say that. But the fact of the matter is that for thousands of years, since the Vedic period, people who have acquired such talismans, have found that there have been positive changes in their lives. You can see what some people have told us at ‘Real Life Accounts’. These Yantra are based on an ancient knowledge that encompasses not only the creation of these amulets, but many other areas, some of these are relatively more well known, such as Yoga and Ayurved, but they all follow the same guiding principles.
  3. How long does it take for their effects to be felt?
    • Vedic talismans are always sending out positive energy, wherever they are placed. So once you acquire one it will immediately start to influence it's surroundings. Yantra talismans increase the power of those astrological factors that favour you and reduce those factors with a negative influence. Hence, the positive effects of a Yantra will vary from person to person, depending on the horoscope details of each person.
  4. How should a Yantra Talisman be worshipped?
    • The basic method of maintaining and worshipping our larger, fixed Vedic Talismans is provided by us in the instructions we send with the each order. Nothing much is required and the instructions are essentially a list of 'Dos and Don'ts'. More complex methods, as described in the Vedas can been preformed, but this does require a certain degree of knowledge of Vedic teachings and principles. You can find an online copy of these instructions at:
      1. Fixed Talismans Instructions
      2. Our lucky charm locket/bracelet/key ring talismans also have a set of optional instructions, but essentially these talismans and are to simply be used when they are received. You can find these instructions at: Locket Talismans Instructions
  5. What is the difference between fixed Yantras and locket Yantras?
    • A locket bears a minature grid of the Yantra and may be worn around the neck. You may use any suitable chain or thread. This should not be placed in a wallet or handbag. Given the rigors of everyday life, it possible for the power of a locket Yantra to decrease slightly, over the years. If this were to happen, simply repeating Locket Talismans Instructions will restore the talisman's power. In comparison, a fixed Yantra is to be placed in your home or workplace and it's power will usually increase, as it is worshipped over a period of time.
  6. Do I have to recite the corresponding Mantras?
    • A Yantra will often have one or more corresponding Mantras. Chanting these Mantras in the presence of the Yantra talisman is beneficial, but not essential. More details about Mantras are available on our Mantra Affirmation page.
  7. Do my religious beliefs make a difference?
    • Not at all. Vedic Talismans respond to the worshipper, irrespective of their faith. Neither is one required to adopt new beliefs.
  8. Are the results guaranteed?
    • In a word, no. Yantra talismans have nothing to do with magic, they are a means of using positive spiritual energy to help you to accomplish your desires. It is upto the Almighty to decide how, when and to what extent your desires should be fulfilled. That is why no human being has the power to offer guarantees. Anyone who does is probably being less than honest.
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  1. Can different people worship the same Yantra?
    • Certainly, however, the results for each individual will vary, depending on each person’s faith, deeds and specific horoscope details.
  2. What adverse effects can Yantras have?
    • None whatsoever. By concept and design, a Vedic amulet can only deliver positive results and energy, never negative. These amulets channelise positive spiritual and psychic energy and do not have connection with balck magic or sorcery, whatsoever. Objects that are based on magic may have adverse effects.
  3. Is there anything I can do to improve the effectiveness of my talisman?
    • Yes. Yantras must be supported by proactive behaviour and work best if you concentrate your thoughts and energy on achieving your goals.
  4. Can a Yantra lose its power?
    • Only under exceptional circumstances, if maltreated. Otherwise once a Yantra has been activated, it will remain that way.
  5. Can Yantras be used with other types of talismans?
    • Yes they can, just as long as the characteristics of the other articles are consistent with those of Yantras and do not conflict with their general nature. That is to say that, objects related to satanical rites, black magic, derived from animals (except for animal skins for meditation), won’t be suitable.
  6. Why haven’t I heard about them before?
    • Essentially because this aspect of Vedic teachings hasn’t been propagated much outside of the traditional circles possessing this knowledge and has mainly been the preserve of scholars of the ancient scriptures. However, awareness about this part of Vedic teachings is rapidly expanding.
  7. Are Yantras a part of other cultures?
    • Yes, several other faiths and cultures including Buddhism, Judaism and Islam have their own amulets and talismans. Some of these, particularly Buddhist talismans are very similar to Yantras. These are not known as Yantras, but have same purposes, however they are different in design and concept.
  8. What are the other types of talismans that I can find online?
    • These will be:
      1. From different belief systems such as Wicca, Kabbalah, renaissance and medieval texts, voodoo and even black magic. Some of these talismans are of a pure and holy nature, belonging to ancient religions. But, some do rely on the summoning of supernatural forces and witchcraft. While such objects may in fact be effective, these may not necessarily be articles that you may want to knowingly keep in close proximity to yourself.
      2. You will also be able to find Vedic Yantras, similar to those on PowerFortunes.com, on other websites. But, many of our designs are unique, we have also been around for a long time and you will be hardpressed to find another website that has been distributing Yantras, for as long as we have. We have survived the test of time for a reason, see our About Us page and we have many, many satisfied customers, see Testimonials. We are well-versed with what it takes to help you benefit from these ancient talismans, in this newage environment.