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Tarot Demo

The 'Enquirer' is any person who asks their question from the cards. The 'Enquirer' may read his or her own cards, or have their cards read by someone else.
  • There are three layouts.
  • It is not necessary that all three layouts be used in a reading. Any one, or all three of the layouts can be used.
  • The cards are to be interpreted in the context of the Enquirer's question. The cards will depict events that are to occur in the Enquirer's immediate future.
  • A card can have different meanings depending on where it is placed and the other cards that surround it. These meanings are printed on the card faces.
  • Each pack of cards comes with a set of complete and simple instructions.
  1. THE FIRST LAYOUT : This will answer a specific questions as asked by the 'Enquirer' and has seven steps.
The 'Enquirer' is to shuffle the Pack and think of his or her question.

The cards are to be cut into three parts, laid face down.

Fortune Telling Cards
The top cards of each pile is to be opened and the meanings read.

Fortune Telling Cards layout
The three piles are put together again and the 'Enquirer's Card' is taken out according to his or her appearance.

Fortune Telling Cards face down
The cards are spread out face down and the 'Enquirer' then randomly chooses 12 cards.

Fortune Telling Cards
The Enquirer's Card is placed at the top and the 12 chosen cards are placed in three rows of four cards.
Each card drawn is read in conjunction with cards in the spread for detailed information.

Five more cards are drawn from the remaining pile and placed on those cards about which the 'Enquirer' desires further information.

Fortune Telling Cards drawn out

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