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Linda Simons is an intuitive astrologer who commenced her astrological studies during her first Saturn Return in the early 1980s. She was a psychic reader and spiritual healer prior to her astrological studies and continues these practices today. She is a Scorpio with Libra rising conjunct Neptune in the 1st house and a Moon in Gemini in the 8th house. She started giving astrological readings during the mid-1980’s and committed herself to practicing astrology full-time during her second Saturn Return in 2013. Linda began writing her weekly astrological blog in October 2013 which covers current astrological trends. After recovering from her first bout of COVID in 2020, Linda began studying Sun Sign Astrology and started featuring monthly horoscopes on her site in October 2020. Linda posts daily astrological insights on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Linda is also a Reiki Master who practiced Reiki from March 2014 through March 2020 at Acupuncture for Everyone in the Copley Square area of Boston on Friday evenings. She also had a Reiki practice in Coolidge Corner Brookline on Sunday afternoons from 2017-2020. Currently she is offering distant Reiki healing treatments from her home in Newton. She has taught psychic development and astrology classes privately, at Newton Community Education and at Unity Boston.  Linda has also been reading tarot cards for 40 years.  Her tarot readings are based on the 12 houses of the horoscope that provide an in-depth perspective to her clients on all areas of life. She uses the Celestial deck because of its rich astrological symbolism. Her tarot readings can be done virtually or over the phone. Linda also provides a one-question tarot reading based on the past, present and future of a situation in addition to her comprehensive 24-card spread.

Articles by Linda Simons:

Annual Profection YearsThe 12 profection years start and end with your birthday and identify themes for the coming year. An astrological explanation of how you can take advantage of these years.
Astrology of Moon PhasesHow do the Phases of the Moon affect us astrologically? An in-depth explanation of the 8 Lunar Phases and what they mean for your zodiac sign.
Planetary Transits for 2024January's planetary alignments sets up 2024 as another year of Astrological Transition. Expert astrologer Linda Simons describes the important astrological transits of the year.
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