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Your first THREE minutes are FREE, plus 25% OFF* on the rest of the chat.
*Offer only applies to new clients.
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Chat with Live Fortune Tellers

This is a partnership between and that provides some of the most reliable interactive fortune telling services, available anywhere online.
  • How do I Connect with a Live Fortune Teller?
  • ⇒ Click on an expert profile of your choice.
  • ⇒ Set up your account or login with your FaceBook account and chat with the adviser.
  • ⇒ Each reader has been rated and reviewed by previous users.
Online Fortune Teller

These readings are performed by real people who have genuine experience in different forms of fortune telling. These are not automated readings. These are instant predictions, made in real time, as you interact with your selected reader.

As you begin your session, briefly explain your situation and what you need to know. You also have the option of an offline session with an adviser, in which case your response will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours.

Although the methods of fortune telling employed by these experts may be different, the objective is to find an answer to your questions about your past, present or future. If you would like more information about these different methods, visit our fortune telling page.

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