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PowerFortunes Fortune Telling Cards, 3rd Spread

  1. THE THIRD SPREAD : This spread will reveal if a particular wish or desire of the ‘Enquirer’ will be realised in the future.
The Enquirer’s Card is taken out of the complete pack of 32.
The Enquirer's card being chosen from a deck of 32 fortune telling cards.

Step 1. The Enquirer's Card is drawn.

The ‘Enquirer' is to then shuffle the remaining 31 cards, while thinking of his or her wish.
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The Enquirer's Card is placed in the centre and eight cards are taken from the Pack, one by one and placed as shown.

Step 3. Eight cards are taken from the Pack.

The meanings of the cards are read in conjunction with each other. Associations are made according to the meanings printed on the card faces.
A prediction being made with the Power Fortunes deck of cards.
If the ‘Nine of Hearts’, also known as the ‘Wish Card’ appears, the Enquirer’s wish will be fulfilled. If it does not, the spread may be repeated two more times, but no more. However, if the ‘Wish Cards’ does not appear after three attempts, this particular wish will not be realised in the immediate to mid – term future.
The Nine of Hearts of the Power Fortunes Deck

Step 5. The ‘Wish Card’ means the wish will be fulfilled.

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