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When and where will Saturn turn Retrograde in 2024?
by Linda Simons
Saturn will turn Retrograde after June 2024 and this significantly impacts each Zodiac Sign. This is your survival guide.

Zodiac Signs of Billionaires
by Vishaal
Which zodiac sign makes the most money? The Sun Signs with the most and least number of billionaires and why this is so. The rags to riches story of the Stars Signs.

What is the Smartest Zodiac Sign?
by PowerFortunes
Is Your Zodiac Sign Smart or Dumb? Are some sun signs more intelligent than others? Does your Zodiac Sign determine your IQ?

Weird Ways your Zodiac Sign Might be Holding you Back
by PowerFortunes
Can understanding your Zodiac Sign help Develop your Personality?

Weight Loss Guidelines for your Zodiac Sign
by PowerFortunes
Does your Zodiac Sign cause you to Gain or Lose Weight? The Sun Sign Guide to Dieting and Physical Fitness.

How Men & Women View Astrology
by PowerFortunes
Interesting revelations about how men and women differ in their beliefs about astrology, based on data collected over the years, by

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