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Power Fortunes' Power Yantras have the energised according to the ancient Vedas and have been ignited with positive energy. 'Yantras' possess infinite power, derived from the faith of those worship them. Yantras produce powerful effects, which maybe more pronounced for certain individuals, depending on the horoscope, faith and deeds of the individual. However, a Yantra, under all circumstances will be of benefit to it's worshippers. Even if due to exceptional circumstances, this effect is not apparent, the Yantra should always be treated with respect and powerful results will follow.
  1. You may install or begin worshipping your new talisman on the 'Lucky Dates' suggested on our monthly horoscopes page.
  2. A Yantra is to be placed in clean, pleasant surroundings, such as your place of worship.
  3. The Yantra should face either East or North.
  4. Make sure there are no harsh/pungent chemicals or chemical pollutants in the immediate vicinity of the Yantra.
  5. Do not burn commercially produced incense, 'Dhoop', bamboo incense sticks or 'Aggarbatti' near the Yantra. Commercial incense such as 'Dhoop' may contain chemicals and should not the present near the Yantra.
  6. Worship your Yantra by burning camphor, pure sandalwood powder/sticks, natural incense like 'Gogal' (Indian bedellium or commiphora mukul in Latin), 'Lobhan' (benaoin or styrax in Latin), 'Ajwain' seeds or carom seeds (trachystermumammi), frankincense or a combination of these, everyday in front to your Yantra.
  7. Sacred oil lamps can be placed near the Yantra.
  8. Do not place animal fats, meats or products of these, near the Yantra.
  9. Recitation of the Mantra corresponding to a particular Yantra is beneficial. While reciting the appropriate Mantra in the presence of the Yantra, you should face East, or North, while the Yantra faces you (Figure - B). At all other times, the Yantra should face North or East (Figure - A).
  10. A combination of different Yantras is beneficial, as they will work in unison for the benefit of the worshipper.
  11. Yantras can be combined with practices and symbols of all religions, subject to the above points.
  12. A Yantra can be worshiped by any number of people.
  13. The surface of the Yantra may be cleaned with pure, natural, plant/herbal, aromatic oils such as jasmine oil, rose oil, lavender oil and sandalwood oil. The oil may be gently worked into the surface, with clean cotton buds or a cotton cloth. Avoid using water to prevent tarnishing and a moisture damage, however holy water or ‘Ganges’ water (if available) may be periodically sprinkled over the Yantra.
  14. Avoid touching the surface/plate of the Yantra.
  15. Do not worship/handle your Yantra during menstrual cycles, if applicable. You may do so three days after the menstrual cycle is complete.
  16. Please also visit the FAQs page for our talismans.
  17. We do not stock 'Gangese' water, but this can be found online.
How to worship a talisman
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