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Six open fortune telling cards, placed side by side with one closed card in the center.Symbols of the zodiac placed in a circle around the sun with eight orbital stars.The symbols for male and female people separated by a red heart with a question mark.An eye placed on a star, on the palm of a human hand, surrounded by the sun, moon and stars.

Horoscopes Predictions for 01,July to 31,July

This Month's Horoscopes, Predictions for July, 2018
Horoscope forecasts for the period:
01,July to 31,July »»

These are the monthly predictions for your name derived zodiac sign according to Vedic astrology. For your reading, select a zodiac sign which has the first letter of your name in brackets or the corresponding phonetic pronunciation of the first syllable of your name.
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Lucky Dates in July, 2018 »
Given below, in chronological order is an assortment of auspicious dates in July, according to Vedic astrology. These dates are good for carrying out important plans, particularly if they coincide with 'Your Lucky Numbers', (see the Free section in the top Menu), but avoid the 'Rahu Kal' times, given in Today's Horoscopes.
  1. From 6:54am, Jul. 6th to 6:00am, Jul. 7th
  2. From 6:00am, Jul. 8th to 7:38am, Jul. 8th
  3. From 5:21am, Jul. 10th to 6:00am, Jul. 10th
  4. From 6:00am, Jul. 11th to 6:59pm, Jul. 13th
  1. From 8:20am, Jul. 18th to 6:00am, Jul. 19th
  2. From 6:00am, Jul. 21st to 9:08am, Jul. 21st
  3. From 6:00am, Jul. 23rd to 12:53pm, Jul. 23rd
  4. From 12:33am, Jul. 27th to 3:37pm, Jul. 28th
  5. From 04:21am, Jul. 29th to 6:00am, Jul. 30th
All times are in Indian Standard Time. (IST: GMT+05:30 hours.)
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horoscope talismans

Ancient Words of Wisdom

Every Month, our Chief Astrologer, Pandit Sarveshji brings you useful extracts from the ancient scriptures. This months piece is:
How can the gemstones, talismans etc that we acquire, help us to appease and pacify heavenly bodies? According to the scriptures, a parallel universe, complete with planets, stars, constellations etc exists in the human body. Obviously, this universe does not exist in the same physical form we know through astronomy. However, this can be experienced by the awakening of the 'Kundilini'. The planets and heavenly bodies have been accorded the status of demigods. There are not all powerful and rely on offerings made on Earth for strength. This is why when we on Earth pray to or appease the power representing a planet, by acquiring it's gemstone or Yantra, that power is quickly gratified and responds by bestowing it's blessings.
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