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Six open fortune telling cards, placed side by side with one closed card in the center.Symbols of the zodiac placed in a circle around the sun with eight orbital stars.The symbols for male and female people separated by a red heart with a question mark.An eye placed on a star, on the palm of a human hand, surrounded by the sun, moon and stars.

Free Tarot Fortune Telling Cards

  • Click on the, 'Free Fortune Telling' banner below.
  • Ask your questions about the future, in complete privacy.
  • You are not required to divulge any personal information and no information is stored.
  • This interactive service is completely Free of Cost, but provides detailed readings.
  • Your time and date of birth are not required.

This is an online version of the PowerFortunes, Fortune Telling Cards and these predictions are based on the last of the 'Three Layouts' that allow an Enquirer to learn if a specific wish or desire will be realised in the future. Hence, frame your questions in such a manner.

An Enquirer may make three attempts, until the 'Wish Card', the Nine of Hearts, is drawn. If the 'Wish Card' is among the nine cards drawn, this wish will be realised in the future. The remaining eight cards in the layout, depict events that will occur in the future. The meanings of all the cards are to be read in conjunction with one another. The reading as a whole, will create a clear prediction of the immediate, to mid-term future of the Enquirer.

Get your own PowerFortunes Deck of Cards and use all three layouts, as your guide through life's uncertainties. Remember, these card readings will not only predict your future, but can allow you to read for others too. Also, you will be pleasantly surprised by the accuracy you will achieve, by being in actual physical contact with the cards.

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PowerFortunes, Nine of Hearts. PowerFortunes, King of Diamonds.
PowerFortunes, Seven of Clubs. PowerFortunes, Jack of Diamonds.
Edge of a face down fortune telling card.
Animated shuffling fortune telling cards.
PowerFortunes, Ten of Hearts. PowerFortunes, Ace of Spades.
PowerFortunes, Ten of Clubs. PowerFortunes, Queen of Hearts
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