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Sell Talismans, Amulets & Lucky Charms

At Power Fortunes, we are looking for like minded people, who share an interest in astrology and astrological products, to join us, as Wholesale Distributors. An appointed Distributor will be in-charge of marketing and selling our exclusive products directly to customers and appointing further Sub-Dealers, in his or her territory.


We are offering a very special package, which is attractive on so many different levels. With a small investment, a little bit of effort and a whole lot of help from us you could be earning an amazing, 35% plus return on you investment, doing something that interests you and is of genuine benefit to others. Setting up your account can be completed in a matter of a few days and you can operate on a full or part-time basis, from wherever you choose.

This is a simple, easy to operate and easy to follow venture, that make perfect business sense. There are no hidden details/catches, complicated strategies, or fine print that you need to contend with. This simple partnership combines our strength in promoting products we know well with your enterprise to cater to an ever growing demand. Your business does not require large financial investments. In fact, Distributors begin with the Start - Up Kit and grow from there. There are no special skills required to begin and operate, all you need is your Start - Up Kit. This contains literature on your products, business management, customer service and sponsoring.

Take a look at the FAQS, to get clearer idea:

What will I be selling? You will be selling almost all of the items shown on this Site. However, this does not mean that you will be required to maintain a large inventory of stock. We will send you a 'Start - Up' kit which will contain our fastest selling, most popular products, to get you started. Thereafter, you order stock as you require.

I know don't know much about astrology, or Yantras, how will I be able to sell these products? That's what we are here for. You don't have to be an expert, your 'Start - Up' kit includes promotional material and short, easy to comprehend descriptions about the products. All you have to do is refer to the literature, as and when required, to help your sales. If a customer should require an extensive clarification, just refer them to our Site, where they can get an immediate response by chatting online with one of our experts, or they can contact us by e-mail or on the phone. Once the customer has been satisfied, we refer them back to you.

I work 9 - 5, I just don't have the time. Actually, this is an advantage, not a disadvantage. Introducing your products to your colleagues at work is probably the best place to start and we're not talking hard-sell either. Acquaint people with your products, tell them a bit about Yantras and what they can do.

Who will I sell to? In addition to colleagues at work, friends and family would be the best place to start to generate sales, ask everyone you know to spread the word. Once you've acquainted people with your products, you can refer people to our Site, specially, our FAQs, Real Life Accounts and Power Yantras pages, so that the can learn more about what our Yantras, lockets and talisman combinations can do for them. To appoint Sub-Dealers, start with the shops you visit, who know you, there is every likelihood that they will be interested once you approach them. By sponsoring new Sub-Dealers, you multiply your efforts.

How much will I earn? Earnings are performance related. You will receive performance points, based on your monthly sales volume. The more items you sell, the more Sub-Dealers you appoint and the more they sell, the more you earn. However, you earn a minimum of 30% on whatever you sell. Points are awarded for an increasing level of sales, which can take your return to upto 40%.

How do I sign up? For more details about joining, please contact us. Once you complete the registration process, you will receive an email from us confirming the receipt of your application. Within 3 business days, you will receive a second email confirming your acceptance as a business partner, after which your 'Start -Up Kit' will be dispatched to you.

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