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Recent Testimonial
Powerfortunes is by far the BEST place to go to find peace, paradise and a little bit of luck in your life! It’s as simple as that. Hands down, my confidence, feeling of trust has always been with them since them! If you believe in yourself, believe in Powerfortunes. YOU WILL KNOW, ONCE YOUR THERE!
- J. Quitaro, Guam, USA.

Hello Guys,
Everything is OK, I got my parcel in good order ..., sorry, I forgot to write you back and confirm upon my parcels arrival before. Thank you for talismans, I am very happy about them. I felt strong effect immediately, just after I got them. Have a good day and thank you.
- Virgis Skarzinskas, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Dear PowerFortunes,
Thank you, I received my package right on time. I love my Yantras and the level of customer service you've provided.
- Pascal Inthavisay, London, United Kingdom.

Thank you, I just received my Shri Yantra locket, and I gotta say, I see first hand the positive effects it has on me and the people around me, and I only had it 4 days and now I'm being called to train at a 12 dollar an hr job, I've been trying to get since January, I believe it's from the positive energy of the Yantra.
- J. Greenwood, Sallis, Mississippi, USA.

I thank Pandit Sarveshji for his amazing report on remedies which worked not as a miracle but as a scientific tool.
Upon trying Mrityunjay Mantra and Yantra as advised. I could actually see results from thin air materializing. If I would stop, suddenly the results would dissappear. This testing went on by me for some few months. Testing on and off.
I am fully convinced the remedies prescribed by are genuine and their products are trustworthy.
My best wishes to you all.
- M.K., Wolverton, United Kingdom.

My name is Jenny and I live in Los Angeles, California. I would like to write a few lines, as I am especially thankful to POWER FORTUNES because of the wonderful works. I got results from my previous orders... Thank you so much for helping me to work out so successful in mostly all of my cases in life. Before I knew you, my life was so bad. I have met many obstacles and negative things in life. It blocked my success in life, such as in my career, as well as school life. Without your help, I wouldn't be able to be so lucky and get qualify to get into a very good UNIVERSITY IN USA to study. I found the good things about the YANTRAS were that almost everything I wanted and wished for, came true for me in very quick time... Most of the negative energy has been cleared up as days go by. All the YANTRAS that I ordered from you were working extremely high rate of successes. All the YANTRAS brought me very high protection, personal attraction and success in life. I love them all so much because all the YANTRAS from your company are so powerful and amazing... I have ordered astrology reading twice from you, and it was so accurate. I was totally so shocked and very happy to know things ahead of time. Thank you so much for all the greatest helps that you've been provided to me. I'm really appreciated for your helps and I will always keeping contact with you for many more future havans/blessing from the POWERFUL GODS AND GODDESSES... as well as well powerful products...
Sincerely yours,
- Jenny Co, LA, California, USA.

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Recent Testimonial (This testimonial has been slightly changed, as the customer's first language is not English.)
Dear Power Fortunes,
I want to say also that after reciting the Mantra Naukri Samsya Vijay Heyto - for Professional Life Goals, for 02 days last week, I received a proposal of service to work with a candidate for Mayor, in the elections here in the Brazil. I accepted, worked and received the money for the work. I will continue reciting the Mantra, for more services for me.
I am obliged for the Mantra, for your best service and for your help in explaining to me some doubts.
- Halysson Sousa, SÃO LUÍS, MA, Brazil.

Dear Power Fortunes,
....thank you so much. Yes I would like to order the Yantras please. I would also like to order a Saraswati Yantra.
....I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very very much. Upon praying to the Shri Yantra that was prepared for us, we have acquired a house that we always dreamt of. Thank you so much and God bless.
- Shailesh Sharma, Melbourne, Australia.

 Thank you. I have started the Mantras. You guys are excellent, always available to answer my questions. I hope you don't mind them. Best wishes to you all,
- Rishi Handa, Slough, UK.

...once again, thank you for assisting with my order. You were wonderful. I have received my complete order. I am completely satisfied with my merchandise.
Thank You,
- Christine Staunch, Bayonne, NJ, USA.

Dear Power Fortunes,
I wish that this mail be displayed on your site, so that others can benefit from my experience.
As you know, I purchased several Yantras for 'Good Fortune' from you. Ever since I have been worshipping them according to the instructions,
I feel strong positive influence helping me in my career and in life in general.
…… I have never considered myself to be a lucky person, but now I really feel as though luck favours me.
- Leona Sandford, Sudbury, London, England.

Dear Power Fortunes,
I was going through a difficult period in my life, particularly financially. 
I honestly feel the 'Maha Lakshmi', 'Karya Siddhi' and 'Crystal Shri' Yantras I have received from you have led to a change in fortune for me.
Though things didn't change overnight, the effect has been tangible.
- Carrie Thompson, Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA.

Dear Power Fortunes,
I am totally convinced in the power of Yantras. Your special combination Yantra has greatly benefited me in my business.
- V.K. Sharma, New Delhi, India

Dear Power Fortunes,
I can only speak from personal experience; the Yantras I have purchased from you have worked for me.
Now every time I get a new one, I feel I am taking charge of my fate.
- Dr.C.K. Anand, Bombay, India

We recently received a phone call from a very pleased customer, named Rajiv, from Calcutta. Rajiv is a young man, when he sent us an enquiry, he made it clear that he had no great belief in Yantras and things of this nature. But in order to gain the affections of a particular person, he was willing to try anything. We recommended that he try the Vashikaran Yantra, so he duly ordered a 2"x2" Vashikaran Yantra and the corresponding Vashikaran and Sarvaakarshan Mantras, which he was recited regularly. Thereafter, Rajiv kept in touch, unsure if things would go his way, but he kept us his recitations. Then we got this call from him. The conversation went something like this:
Power Fortunes: Hello. Thank you for calling Power Fortunes.
Rajiv: Hello. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's worked...., the Vashikaran Yantra has worked.
Power Fortunes: Your welcome, Rajiv. But in all honesty, you made it work, because you chose to acquire a Yantra and then you put in the effort of reciting the Mantras. So we can't really take any credit.
Rajiv: No, no. I owe what I've achieved to your help.
Power Fortunes: Well, that's very kind of you, Rajiv and your very welcome. We're glad to be of service, just doing our job.
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