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Fortune Telling Cards

They are based on a simple form of divination, that is fortune telling through the interpretation of signs and symbols. This form of divination is known as, 'Cartomancy' and fortune telling cards such as these are also referred to as, 'Divination Tools'. Cartomancy has traditionaly been accomplished using a normal deck of 52 playing cards. However, it has been found that the same results can also be achieved using fewer cards.

The PowerFortunes Fortune Telling Cards is a deck of thirty-two cards with four regular suits namely, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades and Hearts, with '7' being the lowest denomination of each suit and 'Ace' being the highest. Each card is titled, with pictorial descriptions, allowing for easy interpretations.

How do they work?

Each one of us is born with a certain degree of psychic ability. In fact, many animals are believed to possess this power. The majority of us never learn to harness this ability. However, divination tools such as 'Fortune Telling Cards', tap into to our dormant extra-sensory abilities. Fortune Telling is not an exact science and without your realising it, the cards will synchronise themselves with your psychic ability. With a little practice and much to your amazement, you'll find that the cards allow you to make predictions about future events, with startling accuracy.

Images of all the Fortune Telling Cards in a Full Deck
Are they difficult to learn?

Not in the least. Most people they are able to master use of the cards within half an hour. Each pack comes with a set of instructions. These are easy to follow and there are only three layouts that are to be learnt.

You will find that as you practice reading for yourself or for others, using the cards will become second nature. You may also refer to our online resources that will provide you with complete details of all three layouts and let try out the cards online.

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Customers Say »»

I don't have much time. Do they take long to read?

That depends on whether you wish to perform a longer, more detailed reading, or a shorter, 'To the Point' kind of reading. That is, it is upto you to follow a layout that suits you, as only one layout is required to be carried out at any given time. Of course, you may perform all three layouts in one sitting, if you so desire. Anyone who can read the cards is a welcome guest at almost any social gathering. When a person has this skill the usual eager greeting is, "Please read the cards for me". Although the practice of reading the future from the cards dates back hundreds of years, it is becoming ever more popular in the present times. Lots of people would like to know how they, too, can learn the art.

So now, get your own pack, do away with astrologers and fortune tellers and become the master of your own future. For more information on Cartomancy, Tarot Cards and Fortune Telling, see our 'fortune telling' page.

How do Fortune Telling Cards Differ from Tarot Card Readings?

Tarot readings require the Tarot reader to establish a connection with his or her deck, through which the Tarot reader can divine the meanings of the cards, as they lie in a layout for a particular question. Divining the correct meaning from the Tarot cards requires a great deal of practice and skill, also the the Tarot reader must be experienced enough to assign the correct meaning to a card, relative to it's position. This is also true for some other forms of cartomancy, such 'Gypsy Witch' cards.

Although these 'Fortune Telling Cards' are derived from the Tarot and therefore closely associated with them, they are much easier to read. The reader has to simply follow the instructions and read the meanings of the cards, without consciously applying their divinatory ability. The pictorial representations on each card help the reader to establish a psychic connection with cards.

In addition to this, there are the obvious differences of appearance and number of cards, as the Tarot deck usually contains 78 cards or more cards, while the Fortune Telling Deck contains 32 cards.

Are Fortune Telling Cards for Real?

As explained above, these cards are essentially simplified form of the Tarot, that anyone can use to predict the future.

Reason tells that the 'Cards' are merely printed pieces of cardboard. It would be quite absurd for us to expect them to convey anything intelligible, let alone the future. However, the fact of the matter is, all those who come into contact with our fortune telling deck, soon discover that the cards inexplicably reveal present and future events in their lives. In fact, so uncanny and compelling are these revelations, that they refuse to be explained away as matters of sheer coincidence. See ‘Real Life Accounts’, to find out what users of the PowerFortunes Deck have to say!

What are the Layouts of the PowerFortunes Deck?

Each deck comes with a two page set of instructions and after only a couple of readings you'll be able to interpret the cards without having to refer to the instructions.

Predictions are made through three simple layouts. In the first layout a question posed by the enquirer is answered by selecting thirteen cards from the pack. The enquirer can then seek further information on any five of the selected thirteen, by choosing five more cards from the remaining pile. This form of divination is carried one step further and the thoughts and desires, the household and the fate in general of the enquirer is read from the eighteen selected cards.

The third layout is perhaps the most interesting and allows the enquirer to learn if particular wish or desire will be realised in the future. This is achieved simply by shuffling the deck and laying out nine cards in a particular spread. If the 'Nine of Hearts' appears, the wish will be realised.

Interpreting the Tarot

From the 1790s with, the advent of Etteilla's deck, tarot card design has been modified specifically to reflect meanings. Tarot reading is a form of occult and tarot cards are sometimes referred to as the 'Spiritual Card' deck. Originating in Italy in the 1400s, today there are hundreds of different styles of tarot packs, with considerable variation from pack to pack. Many a pack also have more than the traditional 78 cards, needless to say, the more cards you have to deal with, the harder it becomes to decipher their meanings. Although most people think only of games when they see a regular deck of playing cards, it is known that ordinary playing cards have been connected with divination from as early as the year 1487.

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