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Item 91, Fortune Telling Pack

Fortune Telling Cards
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  • Item 91, Fortune Telling Pack
  • Fortune Telling Cards
  • Item 91, Fortune Telling Pack
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Each pack of these amazing cards contains 32 titled cards, with pictorial descriptions and text interpretations. No special tarot or divinatory skills are required to use them.

These visually appealing cards are unique and are based on the knowledge of classical cartomancy, from a bygone era. The artwork has been carefully designed to reflect the vintage of the cards, through a retro-modern look.

Our cards are made of 310 gsm art card, that is about the same thickness as ordinary playing cards. The cards also have a matte varnish coating for protection, added stiffness and easy handling. The cards are brightly printed in full colour and the text titles and description are in clearly legible, black text. Each pack contains a set of easy to learn instructions, printed on a single page. Anyone can use the 'POWER FORTUNES' Fortune Telling Cards to accurately predict their own, or someone else's future. The cards will always reliably guide you through life's uncertainties.

Using these Fortune Telling Cards helps to develop psychic abilities and make a perfect alternative / supplementary method of divination for tarot / psychic readers, astrologers, numerologists.

  • Easy to use and handle as there are only 32 cards in a deck, as opposed to 78 in a tarot deck.
  • Easy to interpret, as each card has both text and pictorial descriptions
  • Following the simple instructions will allow you to immediately perform a reading for yourself, or anyone else.
  • No prior experience of the tarot or card reading is required to use them.
  • Each card has beautifully designed retro-modern artwork.
  • For anyone with an interest in the tarot/card reading, these unusual cards are a must have addition.
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