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Estimated Delivery Scedules

  1. Orders are usually dispatched within 1 to 3 business days of receipt of your order and payment.
  2. Please remember, our products are not regular, off-the-shelf items, they are astrological in nature and are required to be dispatched on astrologically favourable dates. To allow for this, the dispatch time period may on ocassion, have to be extended beyond the mentioned 1 to 3 business days. However, an order will be dispatched within seven business days, under all circumstances, unless stated otherwise.
  3. We offer free shipping to all destinations, worldwide. All prices shown on PowerFortunes.com are the final price you will pay and include shipping, handling and packaging charges.
  4. Orders for our products are dispatched from our location in Nahan, India unless the specific order can be fulfilled by ©Amazon.com. If delivery through ©Amazon.com is available on a particular item, this will be indicated.
  5. Additional customs duty may be charged from you, in your country, under local laws.
  6. Orders can be delivered to almost all international destinations and will be dispatched through Registered Air Mail, or by Speed-Post within India.
  7. The estimated delivery periods for worldwide destinations, is given below. These are the minimum and maximum days that should be required to deliver your order, to your location.
  8. Please remember, the actual delivery period depends upon the Postal and Customs departments/agencies involved, hence it is only possible to make an estimate of the delivery period range.
Ten to thirty days.
Seven to twenty days.
Fifteen to forty days.
Ten to thirty days.
Fifteen to forty days.
Fifteen to forty days, can be longer due to delays for local customs clearance.
Twenty to forty days.
Thirty to forty days, can be longer due to delays for local customs clearance.
Seven to fifteen days, for payments made online, through money orders, drafts.
Within India
fifteen to twenty days, for orders through VPP.
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