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Tarot Reading Calculator

The Tarot reading assistant is not an APP that you have to install on your device. This simple, online calculator is always accessible and will help you to immediately interpret your Tarot layout.

If you are performing a 'Celtic Cross' reading, just select the cards as they appear in your spread. The Tarot Assistant will show you the meaning of each card, under its corresponding position in the layout. A diagram of the ten Celtic Cross positions has been provided for your reference.

The default card meanings are for upright cards. If your card is in a reversed orientation, click on the 'Refine Interpretation »' link, after selecting the, 'Reversed' checkbox when you choose that card.

If you need help, you can discuss your reading with one of our Online Experts.

FAQs About this Online Tool

  1. ⇒ Does this perform online readings? No, this is not for making online predictions.
  2. For an online reading, use our 'Free Online Tarot Service'.
  3. ⇒ Who is this for? This is for people who perform their own Tarot readings, according to the 'Celtic Cross' layout.
  4. ⇒ What does the Tarot Assistant do? This is provides you with automated interpretations, for all the cards that are drawn in your reading, at one location.
  5. ⇒ How does this help me? This is a quick and easy way to find out the meanings of all ten positions in your Tarot spread, at one go. That is, as opposed to having to look up each card invidually, taking notes and then collating the different meanings.
  6. ⇒ What do these interpretations mean? The meanings provide a spiritual and philosophical interpretation to each card. The 'Refine Interpretation' feature uses 'Artificial Intelligence' to provide the more literal, basic characteristics.
  7. ⇒ How was this developed? The idea was conceived and developed by the resident Tarot reader and our coders.
  8. ⇒ How much does this cost? As the 'Refine Interpretation' feature is AI based, there is a cost each time this option is used. For you, this is free.
The Ten Positions of the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread
Cards in the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread
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Select the Tarot Cards in Your Reading

  • 1. The Present
  • 2. Challenges
  • 3. Focus
  • 4. Recent Past
  • 5. Possibilities
  • 6. Near Future
  • 7. Your Strength
  • 8. Your Circumstances
  • 9. Hopes & Fears
  • 10. Outcome
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