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What are Amulets and Talismans?

Infographic on the talisman making process.

The word talisman comes from the Arabic word, tilsam that itself comes from the Greek word telos, which means to consecrate or to initiate into the mysteries.

A talisman can be defined as,
"An object that has apparently magical or miraculous effects and that can avert misfortune and bring good fortune when acquired".

Amulet, is essentially another name for talisman. Amulet originated from the Latin word amuletum and can be defined as,
"A lucky charm that has magical inscriptions and which has been consecrated through incantation".


Hence, there is no significant difference between amulets and talismans and it is only the manner in which they are believed to have been created that would lead to one term being preferred over the other. In common conversational language, an amulet is identified with an object that brings protection, whereas talisman is used in reference to an object that brings good luck, however ancient talismans do not follow such a clear classification. A common misconception is that such objects have to be kept in physical contact and be worn as pendants or lockets. This is not the case, they may be worn as talisman pendants or may be installed at a fixed location from where they positively influence the lives of those who have acquired them.

What is a Yantra Talisman?

Astrology teaches us how to create horoscopes and use the positions of celestial bodies, to understand and interpret Human existence on Earth. Of course, to believe, or not believe in astrology is the prerogative of every thinking individual and just as in the case of other disciplines, in astrology too, there are those practitioners who are proficient in their area of expertise and those that need to hone their skills.

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Science and astrology are based on two diametrically opposite points of view. Everyday, modern science makes new discoveries about the Cosmos, while the knowledge that gives us (Vedic) astrology is based on the ancient belief that, all that exists has already been discovered and that this knowledge is contained in the ancient scriptures.

However, the correlation between astrological predictions and real life events is what makes the existence of astrology undeniable, but this knowledge is not limited to making astrological predictions alone, it also teaches us how to transform bad situations to our advantage and how to take the most advantage of good times.

The ancient Hindu scriptures contain techniques for remedying unfavourable astrological conditions, some of the better known methods are through the use of gemstones and Mantras (chants). 'Yantras' or Vedic Talismans are very powerful and effective remedial tools, although perhaps they are not as well known outside Vedic circles as the other mentioned techniques. 'Vedic Talismans' come from the ancient Hindu scriptures, the Vedas and Upnishads. The literal meaning of Yantra is 'Device', but it is unlike any manmade device, as it's working is in complete harmony with nature. It is believed that a Yantra possesses infinite power, that it's results are miraculous and that it can not only remove problems, but also realise wishes.

What Do Talismans/Amulets Comprise Of?

Yantra talismans and amulets are made up from Vedic symbols, comprising of straight lines, squares, rectangles, triangles and circles. These symbols are so precise in design, that even the angles employed are determined to the last degree. Some talismans may also comprise of numbers and letters of the 'Dev Nagari' script. These symbols represent the five basic elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Air, Water and Ether. Each element is associated with certain properties. For example Earth denotes among other things stability, patience, material happiness and success. While Wind represents dishonour, sorrow and ignorance. These symbols are arranged so as to enhance one property and enervate the other. Illustrations of the designs employed in Yantra grids are given below:

Vedic talismans should not be confused with lucky charms, as both are conceptually different. Also, in most cases, the possessor of a Vedic talisman is not required to be in physical contact with the talisman itself, unlike many good luck charms. 'Vedic Talismans' can be created out of many different materials such as 'Asht Dhatu' or a special eight metal alloy, gold, silver, copper, crystals or even plant leaves. Certain materials are more suited to certain Yantras. However, any Power Yantra has an intrinsic energy which is always radiated, irrespective of size or material and these factors are not critical to it's power. You will find that even a small talisman, made of inexpensive material is a powerful source of positive energy.

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