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Description ↴ The Shri Yantra, also know as the 'Sri Chakra' is one of the most powerful of all Vedic talismans. The grid of this talisman consists of nine concentric triangles, of which four point upwards and five point downwards. All these triangles have sides of equal length and the nine major triangles intersect to form 45 more, smaller triangles. This configuration represents a balance between the divine masculine and feminine powers, Shiva and Shakti, as they exist in the Universe. This grid forms a multi-stage concentration of positive spiritual energy. This energy is focussed on a central point in the talisman grid, which is representative of the centre of the Universe.

Among other things, this talisman also forms the abode of the Goddess of wealth, 'Mahalakshmi' and brings luck, success and wealth and other manners of good fortune.

  • The images for this product show views of the basic talisman plate and the mounted 3.5"x3.5" and 7"x7" talismans. 2"x2" and 3.5"x3.5" talismans have the same appearance.
  • Acquiring the largest talisman size is not essential. All our talismans, including those in the 2"x2" size are powerful and capable of delivering positive results. The rule of thumb is to spend an amount of money that is within your purchasing power.
  • This type of talisman is to be placed at a specific place in your home or work place, as explained in the instructions that will be sent with your order. Once installed, the talisman will begin to bring about a positive influence into your life from this fixed position, as you go about your life. Direct physical contact with the talisman is not required.
  • The talisman plate will be mounted on a wooden frame. The 2"x2" and 3.5"x3.5" talismans have attached stands that allow the talisman to be placed in the correct upright position on any flat surface, or to be hung on a wall. The 7"x7" sized talisman comes mounted on a 9"x9" wooden frame that is to be attached to a wooden base. The wooden base and all required fixtures are supplied with the talisman and will allow the talisman suitably placed on a flat surface.
  • This talisman is handmade and the colours or appearance of the talisman plates and frames can differ slightly from piece to piece, however the basic talisman design, purpose and effects will be the same, irrespective of minor differences in physical detail.
  • This Yantra is made of a 'Special 8 - Metal Alloy' plate, which is considered to be the most conducive material for talismans of this nature. Certain talismans may be available with gold plating, at no extra cost, subject to availability. If gold plated talismans are in-stock, these will be sent out, but we cannot guarantee this in the case of every order, in which case the standard, non-plated, 8-metal alloy talisman will be shipped. The prices shown are for standard non-plated talismans.
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  8. Or order this item through ©AMAZON.COM*.
    • *PowerFortunes is an accredited ©Amazon merchant and participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.
    • *Please note, items that have mulitple sizes will only be available on Amazon.com in a single size.
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