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Item 88, Crystal Pendant - Swastik

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  • Item 88, Crystal Pendant - Swastik
  • Item 88, Crystal Pendant - Swastik
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The image of this ancient symbol of good luck has been tarnished ever since it was hijacked by the 'Nazis', who referred to it as the 'Hakenkreuz'. This is, in actual fact the Hindu Swastik that represents the lord of good fortune, 'Ganpathi', also known as 'Ganesh'. This sacred symbol produces upto 1,000,000 bovis units of positive energy, as measured using a 'Biometer', the details of this are given on our 'Good Luck Charms' page.
This unisex pendant has a Swastik inscribed on a transparent, high quality, natural crystal. The positive energy of the Swastik is further enhanced by the crystal and brings success, good fortune and helps one to overcome obstacles.
  • Yantra talismans are prepared and energised on astrologically auspicious dates and bring multiple positive effects.
  • crystal lockets are made of a solid piece of natural crystal, known as 'Safaitik'. This is similar to quartz.
  • Each locket contains about 10g of crystal. This crystal is completely transparent, but minute viens may be visible.
  • The crystal talisman is held in a solid silver ring. The complete locket has smooth edges and a flat back.
  • The talisman grid is etched in to the crystal, by hand.
  • This is very light, has no noticeable weight and is comfortable to wear. This locket is strong and will not flex, break or distort without the use of considerable force.
  • Our locket talismans are ready to wear, a silver ring is provided at the top, so that they may be attached to standard chain, necklace or thread and be worn either inside or outside your clothes.
  • All lockets will be sent with a free 80cm(approx.) long, black, nylon thread. The locket can be worn by threading this thread through the locket's ring, cutting to a suitable length and tying the open ends. Using this thread is optional and for your convenience, any suitable, existing chain or thread may also be used.
  • The locket may be polished with brass/silver polish or natural oils, like jasmine, coconut or olive oils.
  • This locket is of a unisex design, anyone may wear this locket to benefit from it's power. Refer to the FAQs for more details.
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