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Free, 10 Card Tarot Reading

This is not a simple, 3 card, 'Yes or No' Tarot reading. The PowerFortunes, online Tarot predictions are a sophisticated, virtual reading. They have been created with the guidance of our resident Tarot Reader's. The method of reading employed is a full, ten card 'Celtic Cross' layout.

This online tool will allow you to perform a reading for yourself, according to the methods of a professional Tarot reader.

The meaning of each card that appears in your spread, is generated using 'Artificial Intelligence' (AI) and these are shown below your layout. These interpretations are for your reference, but Tarot readings are really about discovering what a layout is trying to convey. Therefore, draw inspiration from your spread of cards, as you see them, in order to divine their true meaning.

FAQs About Online Tarot Predictions

  1. ⇒ What deck of cards is used for this online reading? These readings use a standard, 78 card, Tarot deck. They are spread in the formation of the 'Celtic Cross' layout.
  2. ⇒ How do Tarot cards work?
  3. ⇒ Are online predictions as accurate as a real Tarot reader? Tarot cards are themselves inanimate objects, incapable of telling fortunes. The predictions come from the reader's ability to divine the future. An experienced Tarot reader will always be more accurate than an online prediction.
  4. ⇒ Who makes the predictions in an online reading? Although your readings are generated on our servers, it is essentially your psychic ability that is drawing the cards out, so you are the Reader in the case of these readings.
  5. ⇒ How many questions can I ask? Asking more than three questions consecutively, is not considered to be a good practice. For the best results, limit your questions to three per session.
  6. ⇒ What other online Tarot reading options are there? In addition to a virtual reading, the Tarot Assistant is an online tool that provides automated layout interpretations, for physical readings.
The Ten Positions of the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread
Cards in the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread
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The Celtic Cross Layout Free Tarot Reading
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