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Here are excerpts of some of the responses to our astrology readings:

Recent Testimonial

I had ordered an education report from PowerFortunes for my daughter.

I was amazed at the detailed information given in report. I found the report to be informative as well as it contained good guidelines about the future too. I want to thank you for all the guidance and would highly recommend to people to take guidance from the learned astrologers available on the website.

The report was delivered on time and all the queries were answered patiently.



- Pooja Lalwani, Bangalore, India.

Dear Power Fortunes,

I have been taking lot of astrological advice for a long time. But, in my life I have not come across such a detailed reading, like the one you have provided to me. You are a very professional organization and gave me awesome value for money, your services are well worth the charges.

- Ashish Ahlawat, Glasgow, Scotland.

Dear Power Fortunes,

Thank you for sending me the astrology report within 3 days, as promised. I am very pleased with the quality of the report- the analysis is clear, well-explained and it offers me bright hopes for the future. The suggested remedies are also doable and practical. I must let you know that after trying a few other astrology websites, I unreservedly find yours the best, both in terms of pricing and quality of service. I will be purchasing yantras from you soon.

Thanks and regards,

- Mrs. Sri Latha, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

Dear Power Fortunes,

A while back I had one reading and then another, not to long ago. I must say that twice what was said in the reading did come true. If you look at my record you will know what I'm talking about. One reference was on my daughter's case, yes after 14 years they are releasing her money, in a month or so, just like you said. In October the news would come through and in December her money should be here. But like you said the State in Italy is fighting it.

Regarding my first reading, I also want to note when you told me that the house of my boyfriend will sell in the summer after it being in the market a year, it did happen and like you said he will not gain anything on it ( that part was the sad ) and after the move we did move where I wanted to be. It was weird we sell the house in June and quickly found the apartment.....I still have copies of the readings.

I just wanted to thank you. I will be writing to you soon and asking you three more questions!

- Ms. N. Martelli, Wappingers Falls, NY, USA.

Other responses we have received include....

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Customers Say »»

There have been many recorded accounts of users of the cards, through the ages. These even include those of Napoleon, who was warned of catastrophic events by the learned Tarot Card reader, Lenormand of France. This is what some of the users of the 'Power Fortunes' Pack have to say:

Recent Testimonial Dear Power Fortunes,

Recent Testimonial - Tim Hollingworth, Holmfirth, UK
Many thanks for your beautiful parcel! It arrived safely this morning...
It is so wonderfully wrapped that I have not yet opened it, but have taken several pictures to preserve its magnificence. If the contents are as expected they will be difficult to outshine the packing. I love the woven fabric and the neatly hand sewn edges, finished off with an amazing authentic wax seal.. Truly magnificent work of pure art in this too modern age of throw away plastic. I am very pleased, as was the postman who was almost as excited as I was to see the hand crafted package all the way from India. You have made this very cold snowy day so much better by sending the warmth from your country. I enclose a picture of the box and our snow.
Thank you again, and please pass on my thanks to your artistic staff.

- Mr. Tim Hollingworth, Holmfirth, UK.

Dear Power Fortunes,
The cards arrived just when you said they would. I was most intrigued with the outside wrapping. In fact, I am keeping it along with my cards in the special box I have for them. Your packing of them was wonderful--you protected them so well.
The cards themselves are unique, one-of-a-kind; I hope they will last for a long time as they will get much usage. Are they must be hand-made? I very much anticipate enjoyable and informative times with my cards.

- Mr. Read Greyer, Chicago, IL, USA.

We asked Read if we could use his testimonial, he not only agreed, but also sent us this most interesting experience:
Yes, you can use my email as a testimonial.

Now for a further testimonial:

I did a phone reading for my close friend. I asked him to tell me where to cut the deck. When I turned the cards over, the cut showed 7 Spades, "Anxiety." He said that he had been very anxious lately. I turned the bottom card over on the second pile and the King Clubs (his significator) showed, indicating that the anxiety was very personal, due to some action that he would or had taken. When I asked him to choose a card indicating the reason for his anxiety, the 9 Diamonds appeared, a new undertaking. Indeed, he had been very stressed out about a new work job, but that it had gone well, and he was now feeling better.

So, the cards can show reasons why one is feeling one way or another. And they can be used even when the client is not physically present. And, yes, you should really stress that these cards are hand-made, one of a kind, that each deck is really made just for that purchaser.



Dear Power Fortunes,

I have found these cards to be unnervingly correct. I read the fortune telling cards one Sunday and I kept getting these two cards throughout my reading - visit from a fair person and a gift of a ring. On the Tuesday of that week my friend called to ask if she could stay over. I should add that my friend is blonde. When she came over she said that she had bought me a present - out of the blue - as she knew I would love it. It was beautiful piece of a jewellery, a ring.
I decided to read my cards again the following Saturday night and this time I got present! That night my flat mate had gone out to meet some common friends of ours and when they returned they said that these friends of ours had sent me a gift. It was my belated birthday present.

- Ms S Haindl, UK.

Dear Power Fortunes,

In the spring of this year, the cards repeatedly predicted upheavals, along with the 'Ten of Clubs', i.e. 'Change of Occupation'. Sometime later, I left my job, under trying circumstances, but I then almost immediately found a more lucrative, higher paying position elsewhere.

- Ms Claire Bagnall, London, U.K.

Ms Bagnall also sent us the following letter:

Dear Power Fortunes,

I did a reading for a friend; he got a pair of black aces, which means discussion of divorce. He also got the 'Queen of Spades', i.e. a 'Dark Woman - Divorcee or Widow'. We met a couple of weeks later and he told me his divorce from his separated wife had come through.

During subsequent readings the Queen of Spades was always prominent and so were the readings, 'Marriage is in the Air' and 'Preparation for a Big Event'. All became clear when he got engaged to a divorced lady, to whom he is now happily married.

Dear PowerFortunes,

Recently I kept getting 'Man in Uniform', but at the time there was no connection. Then quite out of the blue, an old acquaintance from the armed forces dropped in. This was most surprising as we had not been in contact for many years and this person lived more than 1200 miles away.

Then I did a reading for a friend, she picked up four Kings which represents 'Honours Promotions and Wealth'. Such a condition seemed too remote for her or her family. Then there was a sudden upheaval in her husband's place of work and much to her surprise her husband was promoted to a senior post.

- Mrs.G, Madurai, India.

These are some other comments we've received:

-'At first I was sceptical, I don't believe in the supernatural, paranormal etc. But now there's no denying that the cards really do work. I have to admit I consult them on all important matters."

Christopher Stanhope, Chicago, USA.
-"The cards have helped me get a clearer picture during some difficult times.They've never let me down"-

Nancy Gallets, Ireland.
-"I can't explain it, but the cards always seem to know, they're always right - I don't know how."-

Jane Zeller, Pitsburg, USA.
-"They're wonderful! Now I always use them. I wish I had known about them before"-

Patricia Ridpath, Vancouver, Canada.
-"As the cards convey so much during a reading, I always find it useful to make a note of the readings to refer to later on."-
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