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Talismans, Amulets & Charms

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For success & good fortune. (*Special Combination Yantra).
For success & accomplishing goals. In Special Alloy.
For harmony, good fortune & success. In Special Alloy.
For overcoming obstacles. In Special Alloy.
For success & good fortune, representing the Lord of good fortunesuccess, 'Ganpathi'. In Special Alloy.
To increase profit & success in business.In Special Alloy.
A large silver plated, special 8-metal alloy amulet for money and prosperity.
The same as Item 3, for wealth and prosperity with a stoneware lamp in which a smokeless candle & fragrant oils can be placed.  Made in Special Alloy.
For protection, good health, mental/physical strength. In Special Alloy.
For increasing longevity, lifespan. In Special Alloy.
This amulet brings the blessings of the Goddess Durga, the destroyer of all manner of obstacle and evil. Made in Special Alloy.
This amulet brings the blessings of Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge and will improve learning abilities & the ability to acquiring knowledge.
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  • Each talismans has been energised through a special consecration ceremony. Combining different talismans will allow them to complement each other and deliver multiple positive effects.
  • Place these talismans at an appropriate place in your home or work place, as per the instructions and allow them to help you to get more out of good times and reduce the effects of bad times.
  • See ‘Real Life Accounts’, to find out how PowerFortunes Talismans have changed people's lives!
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