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The Astrology of Men & Women

How Men & Women View Astrology
How Men & Women View Astrology
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Men may be from Mars and women may be from Venus, but we’re all in the same solar system where astrology is concerned.

Since going online in 2003, has made quite literally, thousands of personalised, astrological predictions for both men and women, located all across the world. A sample of our data for 2018, shows that roughly 49.3% of our customers were women and 50.7% were men. If we were to sum up our experience of making predictions for men and women, we would have to say that basic human nature, desires and instincts don’t differ that much amongst both genders. That is, essentially men and women don’t differ much, in terms of the questions that they ask.


The Astrological Gender Divide

Where the two genders do differ, it is more in terms of how they approach a reading. Women tend to be more open minded, whereas in some cases (and this does represent the minority), men seem to want to challenge astrological principles and beliefs and can be more sceptical of such ideas. In many cases, our readings are the first experience of personalised, astrological readings for our male clients. Men tend to turn to astrological predictions, only because despite their best efforts and plans, they find themselves at a dead end. Such male clients can often prefer to wait and watch before taking a call on their convictions about astrology.

We provide a fair amount of detail in our readings and also refer to past events, so that both we and the querent (the person seeking an astrology prediction), can ascertain if we’re on the right track. We hate to making sweeping generalisations, however men tend to want to wait and verify that what has been predicted, actually does come to pass. When they find that there is an actual correlation between these predictions and the events in their lives, men are inclined change their scepticism about astrology quite radically.

It's a Guy Thing. Or is it a Girl Thing?

We have many such clients, who then refer to us on all important matters and who also start to independently acquire greater knowledge about astrology.

Generally speaking, many of our female customers on the other hand, have some prior experience of either astrology or some other form of divination. Hence, they tend to sail straight past the above described first step and get directly to what they want from the prediction and how they want astrology to help them.


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Unisex Astrology

It is often said that millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do and most people seem to instinctively follow this principle. As mentioned, once a person has experience of how astrological readings work, they are willing to make use of them for help in making major life-path decisions, irrespective of their gender. In our experience men prioritise their questions in the order of:

  1. Work and career matters.
  2. Financial matters.
  3. Life-path decisions. e.g. would a relocation be beneficial?
  4. Family.
  5. Relationships.

Women tend to prioritise their questions in the following order:

  1. Relationships.
  2. Family.
  3. Financial matters.
  4. Life-path decisions.
  5. Work and career matters.

Everybody wants to find peace, happiness and harmony in their lives, these characteristics aren’t the preserve one gender alone. In that respect, astrology is an area of common ground and experiencing astrology, is essentially just a question of how open an individual is to alternative ideas.

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