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Six open fortune telling cards, placed side by side with one closed card in the center.Symbols of the zodiac placed in a circle around the sun with eight orbital stars.The symbols for male and female people separated by a red heart with a question mark.An eye placed on a star, on the palm of a human hand, surrounded by the sun, moon and stars.

Astrological Talismans

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For worshipping & appeasing Mercury. (Buddh Yantra)
For worshipping & appeasing Venus. (Shukra Yantra)
For worshipping & appeasing Moon. (Chandra Yantra)
For worshipping & appeasing Jupiter. (Brahaspati Yantra)
For worshipping & appeasing the Sun. (Surya Yantra)
For worshipping & appeasing Mars.(Mangal Yantra)
For worshipping & appeasing 'Ketu'. (Ketu Yantra)
For worshipping & appeasing Saturn. (Shani Yantra)
For worshipping & appeasing 'Rahu'.(Rahu Yantra)
Page 7 of 8
  • Each astrological talisman has been energised to suitably strengthen or appease it's corresponding planet.
  • Placing an astrological 'Power Talismans' in your home or work place will help you to increase the power of the astrological factors working in your favour and decrease those working against you!
  • See ‘Real Life Accounts’, to find out what users of these Magical Amulets have to say!
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