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Lucky Talismans & Amulets

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For Wealth, Well-Being & Good Fortune. (*Special Combination Yantra).
For Well-being, Progress, Good Luck & Wealth. (*Special Combination Yantra).
For Wealth, Success, Well-Being & Worldly Possessions. (*Special Combination Yantra).
For Wealth, Well-Being & Harmony. (*Special Combination Yantra).
For Wealth, Success & Worldly Possessions. (*Special Combination Yantra).
For wealth & success.
For Prosperity & Success in business.
For Peace, Wishes & Luck. Helps to change fortunes.
Each rosary has a different property.
For chanting prayers for wealth & prosperity.
For inner peace, good health & good fortune.
For inner peace, good fortune & wealth.
For inner peace, good fortune & wealth.
For peace & prosperity.
For astrological harmony.
For inner peace, good fortune & wealth.
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  • Combing the appropriate amulets allows different positive influences to work in unison.
  • All *Special Combination Amulets will be energised in the name of the customer in a special consecration ceremony. This will be sent along with the Yantra's corresponding Mantra MP3 and text files which will be sent by e-mail, FREE of charge.
  • These are fixed amulets that have be placed in a particular location. Specially energised amulets also bring about a positive influence to the surroundings in which they are placed, in addition to the person in whose name the amulet has been energised.
  • The prayer beads are made of natural materials and can be worn and are also suitable for chanting and prayer ceremeonies.
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