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Lucky Amulets & Charms

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For increasing spiritual awareness. Made in Special Alloy.
For progress, material gains and joy. Made in Special Alloy.
For prosperity & wealth representing the Lord of wealth, Kuber. Made in Special Alloy.
For protection from enemies, overcoming evil spirits, the evil eye, black magic & spells. Made in Special Alloy.
For couples who desire having children. Made in Special Alloy.
For appeasing all the nine planets in one's horoscope. Made in Special Alloy.
For appeasing Saturn. Made in Special Alloy.
For dispelling the astrological condition known as, 'Kal Sarp Yog'.
For fame & for worship of the Sun, the giver of fame. Made in Special Alloy.
For protecting vehicles and their occupants against accidents. Made in Special Alloy.
Positive Energy Bringing Amulet
Item 35, Vastu Dosh Yantra An amulet for a home or office, for removing negative influences, bringing positive energy and harmony. Made in Special Alloy.
Feng Shui Amulet
Item 36, Feng Shui Yantra For good luck & success, laminated available in 7”x7”.
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  • All our amulets are activated through a consecration ceremony before they are shipped out. They are powerful, hence they are also referred to as 'Power Talismans'.
  • These amluets bestow money, success, good luck and remove obstacles. They also make unique and thoughtful gifts.
  • Also view our amulets for material comforts and worldly possessions on the first and last pages.
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