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Astrology for Purchasing, Selling, Renting Property

Astrology for Buying a House
Astrology for Buying a House
"A house is made of walls and beams,
A home is built with love and dreams."

The purpose of astrology is to help us lead a secure and fulfilling life, while the urge to have a place we can call our own, is one of our most basic of instincts. The planets have us covered, after all, they reside in the houses of our horoscope charts and can thus empathise with our desire to own the roof over our heads! But in all seriousness, there are several astrological concepts that are centred around improving this area of life.

This article will decode and distil all the relevant astrological information that can help us to make property decisions, based not just on market trends, but with the wisdom of the cosmos too. From understanding the perfect time to seal a deal, to filling your future home with positive cosmic energy, astrology has valuable recommendations to offer. Whether you are buying, selling or just looking to rent, astrology has an answer for all vexing matters on the subject, such as:

  • Who makes a suitable home owner.
  • When should and shouldn't important events and transactions be carried out.
  • When is a good time to move into a new place.
  • How to assess the address, location and orientation of a property.
  • How to go about selling a property.
  • How your house should be set up for good luck.

Which Planets Relate to Real Estate Matters?

The orientation and alignment of the following planets in a birth chart are of importance when considering property related matters:

  1. Mars: Mars is specifically connected to land and real estate. It is the single most important planet for gauging possible gains from land, be this in the form of a house, or other land related activities such as farming and mining. A strong and favourable Mars, placed in an appropriate birth chart house, is a strong indication if a person will own property in their own name. When Mars occupies the 12th house, this can be an indication of how debt prone a person may or may not be. Hence, the alignment of this planet can show how easily loans taken to service property investments, will be paid off. Mars also represents energy and action. While positive Mars aspects can indicate enthusiasm in property dealings, challenging aspects might lead to impulsive decisions or disputes. Mars planetary periods can suggest when the acquisition of land or real estate might be imminent.
  2. Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance. Its positive influence can signify growth and prosperity in property related matters. A strong Jupiter in one's birth chart can indicate favourable conditions and the feasibility of buying or selling property.
  3. Venus: Venus represents luxury, worldly possessions, assets and material comforts. Its influence can indicate the aesthetic appeal a property may hold for the owner and how much comfort this will bring to them. Venus is also related to money and investment, hence this planet's alignment can indicate how viable land and real estate deals may prove to be. Venus can possibly also shed light on how a property related investment can be best put to use.
  4. Mercury: Mercury governs finance, communication and negotiation. Its influence relates to the financial aspects and negotiation phase of a property deal. Mercury's position can indicate how the deal will be financed, how lucrative the investment might be and how smooth communication between the buying and selling parties will be. Mercury planetary periods might suggest when property related transactions will be imminent.
  5. The Moon: An emotional connection to a property can drive a decision to buy or sell. The Moon represents emotions and instincts and this planet also has an association with money and finance. Lunar aspects are considered when assessing the financial implications of a particular property and the emotions that such a property may evoke in the owner.
  6. Saturn signifies stability and long term prospects. Its influence can indicate the duration that a property may be held in possession or how long a deal may take to mature. Saturn is also connected to the acts of building and construction. Hence, it may be possible to make an assessment of whether constructing on a vacant plot would prove to be a profitable venture.
  7. 'Rahu' and 'Ketu': These are the nodes of the Moon and are associated with unexpected events. Their influence can sometimes bring unforeseen developments in property matters. Depending on their placements, periods, transits and influence, they can determine if worries or misfortune will be associated with an immoveable asset.

Real estate and property are material assets that are closely associated with a person's financial position. Hence while analysing property matters, an astrologer has to take into consideration those houses of a chart that relate to land and assets and those that relate to financial matters as well. Therefore, the houses on which attention needs to be focussed are:

  1. The 4th House: This house represents the moveable and immoveable assets, worldly possessions and comforts that a person may come to acquire or inherit in their lifetime. This includes land, buildings, vehicles and similar possessions. The influences on this house signify the abundance or lack thereof and comfort that such possessions may bring. A strong, favourable influence of Mars may suggest that a person will be a house owner at some point. Similarly, a favourable influence of Venus may suggest that the person will lead a life surrounded by luxury or comfort.
  2. The 2nd House: This is the house of wealth. This house can not only indicate if and when a person will possess the financial wherewithal to become a house owner, but if land or real estate may prove to be a source of wealth or income. That is, an increase in wealth through the sale, renting or leasing of real estate.
  3. The 12th House: This house of financial expenses. The influences on the 12th house are an indication of when money is likely to be invested in such an activity. This can also shed light on whether such an investment will be rewarding and the fate of loans and debts taken on for such purposes.
  4. The 6th House: The 6th house is the house of unexpected gains and unearned wealth. As this lies opposite to the 12th house, the influences on this house can have a bearing on the success of property related investments.
  5. The 8th House: The 8th house is also associated with unexpected gains and is also evaluated when considering legacies and inheritances.
  6. The 11th House: The 11th house is the house of gains. The planetary influences on this house can determine the potential and degree of monetary benefit that real estate can bring.
Houses of a horoscope chart that relate to land, real estate.
Property Related Houses in a Birth Chart

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The Profile of a Suitable Owner

It is apparent that the above planetary influences on the mentioned birth chart houses should be favourable in order to purchase a property. This however, may not always be the case. If so and if the option is available, the asset may be acquired jointly with say a partner or spouse. However, this is provided such a partner has better positioned planets and that the respective 6th and 7th houses of both partners are compatible. Both these houses relate to relationships and partnerships.

When will You Buy Your Own House?

This is a common question that most prospective home owners are entitled to ask. Acquiring your own house requires the planets mentioned earlier, to have a favourable influence over the relevant houses of a natal chart. The following astrological factors are indications that owning a home may be an imminent event in a person's life:

  1. Entering planetary periods that show expenses/investments related to the 4th house are likely to take place.
  2. If Mars is in a favourable position in a chart, then a major, minor or sub planetary period involving Mars will increase the chances of a house or land being acquired.
  3. If Mercury is in a favourable position, then a major, minor or sub planetary period involving Mercury may indicate that investment plans relating to a house or land will ensue.
  4. The transit of planets like Jupiter (the planet of expansion and wealth) or Venus (the planet of luxury and comforts), into the 4th house, may also lead to the purchase of real estate.
  5. Certain 'Nakshatras' (lunar mansions) like 'Rohini', 'Hast', 'Swati' and 'Shravan' are considered favourable for property related matters. Planets placed in these 'Nakshatras' might indicate a potential property deal.

What is the Best Time to Acquire a New Property?

The above mentioned factors show that a house related deal may be imminent. However given the option, you should time the formal acquisition, such as the transfer of title or any other event that marks the taking over of the property, in accordance with the conditions describe below. In astrological terms, entering a new beginning at auspicious time, means that your endeavour is permanently connected with good fortune. Hence, this is a most important task. It may not be possible to fulfil all of the mentioned conditions, however ensuring that just a few are met will still make your purchase is auspicious. Selecting a favourable date is a task that applies to all important events related to the acquisition of any new asset of value. Therefore, the date on which you move into your new home must also be timed and executed with this in mind. In addition to this, these tips not only apply to buying a new home, but to renting, leasing and entering a premises, be this in relation to a property of residential or commercial nature.

The factors to consider while choosing the correct day, is that it should represent any one of the following:

  1. Your lord of wealth.
  2. Your lord of fate.
  3. Your lord of gains.
  4. Your lord of material assets, but only if this is favourably aligned in your chart.
  • That is, the days that correspond to these planets, such as Tuesdays for Mars, Wednesdays for Mercury, Fridays for Venus and so on.
  • Choose a date that corresponds to any of your major lucky numbers, such as your 'Ultimate' or 'Destiny' numbers. If you are not sure of these, you can confirm your numbers through our 'Lucky Number Calculator'.
  • Try and ensure that all important events take place during the waxing phase of the moon.
  • Also try to ensure that this event occurs on an astrologically lucky date, such as those mentioned on our Astrology News page or our Monthly Horoscopes page.
  • Ideally, the deal should be conducted when you are passing through favourable major, minor and sub planetary periods, according to your horoscope. That is, these planetary periods should be of planets that are associated with wealth, gains and good fortune, in your birth chart and should avoid those of malefic planets, particularly those of 'Rahu' and 'Ketu'.

'Stacking' favourable dates for important purchase related activities in this manner, will have a cumulative effect on your fortunes linked to a particular property, in the long term.

Choosing the Address, Location & Orientation of a Site

All of these factors are of consideration so as to ensure that a property delivers good fortune and favourable rewards to the owner, in the long term.

The Address

You might not have much control over the address of your site, however any numbers used to identify the property should be compatible with your major lucky numbers, such as your 'Ultimate' or 'Destiny' numbers. So in the case of say a home, the house or unit number would be taken into consideration. The same applies to an office, industrial lot or commercial site. Remember in astrology and numerology, the sum total of all digits and the number itself are both of relevance. Refer to our article on 'Numerology' for details. If you book a site at the pre-construction stage, you may have the option of selecting a number of your choice.

The Location & Orientation

These are factors that essentially relate to the direction and layout of the site and they should follow the basic principles of 'Astrological Design'. The rule of thumb being:

  • The site should be North, North-East or East facing. That is, there should be a road leading to the site in these directions of the property, or the main entrance to the site should be in any of these directions.
  • The compound or building should be higher towards the Southern and Western directions and lower towards the North and East. The same applies to the main entrance and the number and size of the doors and windows in these directions. That is, fewer in the South and West.
  • If the sides of the site are not parallel, the longer corners should extend towards the North, East or North-East.
  • Essentially, the bulk of the mass of the building, should lie in the South, West or South-West.

For a more detailed explanation, refer to our article on 'Vastu Shastra'.

Good Luck Charms for Your Premises

The American author Wendy Wunder said, "The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave and it feels even better to come back." To introduce that magical, positive quality to your home, follow the main 'Vastu' principles, to whatever extent possible. But, what can't be cured, doesn't need to be endured. If you find that there is a fault at your location that cannot be remedied, all you have to do is get an appropriate good luck charm that will counter the problem.

Vastu Yantra

'Vastu Shastra' prescribes for the use of a specific talisman for dispelling the negative effects of Vastu faults in a building. This talisman represents the different gods and deities, armed with their weaponry and seated on the Vastu Purush. Placing this in a building helps to eliminate faults, increases the flow of positive energy and has a purifying effect.

Lucky Horseshoe

Horseshoes are believed to bring good fortune and good luck, as they represent the link between the material and metaphysical worlds. There are however, a few conditions regarding the placement of this symbol, in order for it to deliver positive results. Firstly, the horseshoe needs to be placed with its open ends facing skywards. Good energy is believed to flow out, as opposed to being retained within the inner space of the horseshoe, if this orientation is reversed.

Placing a horseshoe above a door is a way to welcome luck into your surroundings, to end all sorrows and prevent entry to evil spirits. Horseshoes are also considered to be a means of protection from black magic and the dreaded evil eye.

Peace & Progress Amulet

The 'Peace & Progress Amulet' or 'Sukh Samriddhi Yantra' attracts harmony and progress and will help to optimise your home's energy flow.

Laughing Buddha Yantra

This unique talisman combines Feng Shui symbols with Vedic talismans and Vastu Shastra principles to create the perfect trifecta for a harmonious, prosperous home.

How to go about Selling a Property

Not everyone is in the market to buy, but astrology has sellers covered too. The time frame for a property to be sold or when an acceptable offer is received, will depend on the planetary periods that you are passing through and the astrological factors prevalent when you bought the premises. Where the option is available, the sale of a site should be conducted during favourable planetary periods, such as those for your lord of wealth, lord of gains or any planet with a favourable impact on your financial position.

Most of what applies to buying, also applies to selling. That is, all of the factors mentioned for the timing of a purchase of a property, also apply to its sale. Hence important events, such as those mentioned below, should be conducted during auspicious periods.

  • When you first put your property on the market.
  • Contact a property dealer.
  • List with an agent or brokerage.
  • Enter into negotiations with a prospective buyer.
  • Meet with a prospective buyer, if applicable.
  • Enter into escrow or accept an advance.
  • Transfer title.
  • Vacate the premises.

It should be remembered that all the factors mentioned for making the purchase of a property astrologically auspicious, will come to bear when it is put up for sale.

Final Thoughts

To the average person just looking to ensure that their purchase leads to gains and good fortune, some of what has been covered in this article might seem overwhelming. Not everybody knows the details of their horoscope or has even had one cast. That is quite alright, because that is what astrologers are there to do. The PowerFortunes astrologers are available to provide advice and simplify things. The best means of approaching this would be through an astrology reading, as you will be able to provide all the relevant details and frame all your concerns, in your own words.

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