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Good Luck Charms for Prosperity, Business & Abundance

Top 10 Lucky Charms to Attract Money, Wealth
Top 10 Lucky Charms to Attract Money, Wealth
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"Money, money, money... It's a rich man's world."

Who amongst us can claim that they have all the money they need? A necessary evil with a strange quality, the more money you have, the more you tend to need.

As far as astrology is concerned, your horoscope and your financial fortunes are closely intertwined, to the extent that eight of the twelve houses of a natal chart, are directly or indirectly concerned with wealth. The houses with a more direct influence are the IInd, VIth, VIIIth, XIth and XIIth. These houses relate to income, unearned gains, chance earnings, general gains and financial losses, respectively. Those houses with a more indirect effect would be the VIIth, IXth and Xth, relating to livelihood, fate and actions, as shown in the illustration given below. Analysing these horoscope characteristics in detail, is what goes into making a Astrology Wealth Report. This close relationship between wealth and astrology is why it is often said that millionaires don't use astrology..., billionaires do. Oh yes, we went there, the temptation of reaching for that old chestnut was too strong to resist.

Houses of a horoscope chart that relate to wealth, prosperity.
Wealth Related Houses in a Birth Chart

Which Planets Attract Wealth?

While any planet can potentially have some manner of impact on a person's financial fortunes, certain planets have strong financial characteristics. That is, these planets by their very nature, introduce financial implications to the houses that they influence. This influence can be positive or negative, depending on the alignment of the planet in question.

Planets of Direct Financial Significance ↴
  1. Mercury ☿
    • Mercury relates to numbers, financial transactions, business activities and communication and hence, has strong money related characteristics. This planet promotes commerce and trade.
  2. The Moon ☽
    • The Moon inculcates a desire to undertake business ventures and can indicate ingenuity and business acumen. When the Moon is in the right position, a person has a good grasp of financial matters.
  3. Venus ♀
    • Venus's position can determine if a person has the potential to use their talents, innovation and creativity to generate wealth. This planet can also indicate if more than one source of income is a possibility.
Planets of Indirect Financial Significance ↴
  1. Rahu ☊
    • Rahu can bring unexpected gains, particularly through speculation and even through illegitimate sources. If this planet is in the wrong position, it can promote financial hardship.
  2. Ketu ☋
    • Rahu and Ketu are twin planets, so they have similar effects. Ketu can also be responsible for unexpected gains, gains through speculation and easy money. On the flipside, this can create financial instability.
  3. Mars ♂
    • Mars can indicate if someone has the confidence and enterprise to display entrepreneurial skills. Mars's influence on the 12th house can determine susceptibility to debt related problems. This planet also influences gains through land or property.

When an astrologer considers the houses, position of the planets that influence these houses, nature of these planets and the transits that a person is passing through, determinations about that person's financial situation can be made. For a favourable financial life, what you essentially want is:

  1. A strong and favourable planet ruling your house of income.
  2. Planets with strong money related characteristics to occupy or aspect this house, in a positive manner.
  3. For planets that might have an adverse influence on the financial houses to be in weak or peripheral positions.
  4. To pass through transits of planets that favour financial gains, during the prime of your life. That is, these transits should preferably not be too early or late in life.
  5. To pass through transits of planets that do not favourably influence your finances, very early on in life.

What are the 10 Most Powerful Lucky Charms for Money?

Now most of us will regretably, not possess all the astrological features required to make us money magnates. Our 'Good Luck Charms' page lists the talismans and amulets that are used as remedies for different forms of good fortune. However, if we are looking specifically to attract money, the top ten money talismans shown below, will compensate for any horoscope related shortcommings we might be burdened by.

1. Mahalakshmi Yantra.Mahalakshmi Yantra
Lord Vishnu forms one third of the divine trinity. This divine trinity is the driving force of the universal energies that are of a masculine nature. In Hindu mythology, 'Shri Maha Lakshmi' (also 'Mahalaxmi') is the Goddess of wealth and consort of Lord Vishnu. This goddess is one third of the feminine power of the Universe. Acquiring the sacred geometric grid and chants that invoke 'Mahalaxmi', is to invite the power of this goddess into your life.
2. Shri Yantra.Shri Yantra
This talisman is a sacred design of triangles that represent the major powers of the Universe. The central area of this design is occupied by a pattern of nine interlocking triangles representing the Goddess of Wealth, 'Shree' or Mahalakshmi. This talisman not only brings the blessings of 'Mahalaxmi', but also those of all the positive spiritual energies in the Universe. Hence, this is used as a powerful remedy for removing any form of bad luck and a lack of wealth.

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3. Sarv Karya Siddhi Necklace.Sarv Karya Siddhi Necklace
This is a special talisman comprising of 31, 51 or 101 knots, tied into a black thread to which a sacred 'Swastik' is attached at the centre. A prayer is chanted each time a knot is tied, blessing the entire talisman with positive spiritual energy. Wearing this necklace will bring success in all endeavours and will go along way to appease adverse astrological influences and strengthen those that have a positive influence. This is therefore a suitable remedy for not only horoscope defficencies that are of a financial nature, but also those that may afflict an individual in general. This will bestow good fortune in the form of money and general good fortune.
4. Crystal Shri Yantra.Crystal Shri Yantra
Crystals are used to attract good vibrations and are used in spiritual healing for this purpose. The shape of this 3-D talisman replicates concentric triangles, placed in a specific orientation. Once energised, this special shape and material create what is considered to be a particle accelerator for positive spiritual energy. This talisman brings prosperity, success, good fortune and an increase in material assets. This is to be placed in the home, to allow wealth and success to flow in.
5. Kuber Yantra.Kuber Yantra
'Kuber', pronounced 'Koo-bear' is a the lord of wealth and keeper of the treasure chest of the Universe. It is believed that those who obtain Kuber's blessings are showered with untold riches. Obtaining Lord Kuber's amulet, is one manner of achieving this.
6. Crystal Shri Yantra Locket.Crystal Shri Yantra Locket
This is essentially a solid crystal Shri Yantra talisman, as described above that can be adorned in the form of a wearable pendant. Any man or women may wear this lucky amulet for attracting prosperity and success.
7. Tortoise Combination Amulet.Tortoise Combination Amulet
Solid amulets are always mounted or provided a seat. There can be no better place to seat the solid amulet for wealth, than on the vehicle of wealth, the tortoise. To make such an amulet truly powerful, it is surrounded with other complementary amulets. The design so formed by these different talismans in itself becomes a form of sacred geometery.
8. Solid Shri Yantra.Solid Shri Yantra
A 'Shri Yantra' may also be made out of solid metal. The metal use for this purpose is an eight metal alloy, similar to brass and the effects are similar to the solid crystal talisman. This alloy allows for greater definition of shape as compared to crystal and adds mass to the talisman. A solid metal talisman can be made in large sizes and is robust in design.
9. Money Business Amulet.Money Business Amulet
The 'Money Business Amulet' combines three different money related amulets, encased in an eight metal alloy body, sealed with a thick, glass convex lens. This is a combination amulet in which the lens magnifies the amulet grids, while the metal body lends mass. This amulet can be placed on a desk top or inside a home or office, to attract wealth and bring success in all work.
10. Kuber Yantra Combination Amulet.Kuber Yantra Combination Amulet
This talisman is similar to the 'Tortoise Combination Amulet', but this combines the powers of the amulet for the lord of wealth, 'Kuber' and that of a solid metal 'Shri Yantra'. Hence, this forms a powerful combination of grids, symbols and amulets that immediately draws in prosperity, riches and abundance.
Should I Keep a Lucky Charm in my Wallet for More Money?

Yes, provided the lucky charm is suitable for being kept in a wallet or purse in such a manner. What has to be considered is:

  1. Some lucky charms need exposure to light, air and the elements. This usually applies to consecrated or sacred objects, so it would be best to seek expert advice in the case of such charms. If the charm is more symbolic or suggestive of wealth and has not been energised, it may be perfectly fine to keep this in the confines of your wallet.
  2. Likewise, is the material of the purse/wallet compatible with the charm? Most people carry leather wallets, but not all lucky charms can be placed in leather.
  3. Fresh air will not be in abundant supply inside a wallet and any object placed inside, is liable to be exposed to perspiration, heat and pressure. Again, these conditions are not likely to be suitable for energised, consecrated or sacred objects.
  4. Objects placed inside a purse or wallet are generally prone to getting damaged, distorted, falling out or being otherwise subject to the other contents of the same confines. Any of these conditions could render the lucky charm ineffective.

Some items that you can keep in your wallet for good luck and money are:

  1. A few Grains of Rice.
    Rice is a traditional symbol of abundance. It flows, can be stored in large quantities and it nourishes. Hindu priests often distribute a few grains of blessed rice to the devout, in the name of attracting abundance.
  2. A Silver Coin.
    Buying a silver coin on an auspicious day, is an old Indian tradition. These coins are minted with religious symbols and may be kept in the home or in a wallet or purse. The only point to remember is, to not hand this out as loose change, or you could end up poorer, rather than richer.
  3. Holy Ash.
    Ash actually symbolises the finite nature of all things. That is, one day everything returns to the 'Maker' and thus turns into dust. Nevertheless, keeping some blessed ash with you, will ensure that you receive the blessings of the Almighty.
  4. Sacred Geometery.
    Sacred geometery is common to many ancient cultures including Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam, to name a few. Complex geometric designs are employed in ancient pyramid structures, found world over. Such sacred designs can be drawn or printed out and these can also be kept in a purse or wallet, for good luck. An easy way of doing this would be to make small printouts of any of the flat money talismans given above.
  5. Religious Pictures.
    A lot of people keep religious pictures such as pictures of their gods or shrines, in their pockets. This is akin to having God nearby and anything that is holy, will attract positive energy.

As always, we recommend that you also view our FAQs page just to acquaint yourself with the rules regarding amulets and talismans. For comments, please tweet at us @talismans quoting #goodluckcharms. Let us know your views and if there is something you would like us to cover.

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