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Monthly Horoscopes, Sagittarius

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscopes, PowerFortunes.com Monthly Horoscope Predictions, Sagittarius.

These are the monthly predictions for your name derived zodiac sign according to Vedic astrology.
For the period, 01,April to 30,April

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For people whose names begin with: (f, ph, ye, yo, bh, dha, dhh, dah)  Not your sign? Locate your zodiac sign Free horoscopes, Sagittarius.
During the early part of April, till the 13th, five different planets will influence your sign. This will result in several ups and downs and upheavals in your life. There will also be tension in your personal life and complications in your financial life. Much of your time may be taken up will spiritual activities this month. You may also be caught in the midst of unnecessary complications and there may be several wasteful expenditures that you will have to deal with. You may be honoured or recognised for your good work, during the latter half of April. There are chances of some small financial gains during this period. Acquiring a ‘Shani Yantra’, the corresponding talisman for Saturn will be beneficial for you, in April.

April's Lucky Charm for Sagittarius

Item 99, Saturn Talisman
Item 99, Saturn Talisman
Acquiring this talisman on any lucky day in April, will bring good fortune to all people under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

This Week's Fortune Telling Cards for Sagittarius

The four cards below, depict events that lie in your week ahead. They are drawn at PowerFortunes.com on every Monday, at 09:00AM IST. What are these cards?

1. Eight of SpadesEight of Spades, the fortune telling card for Sagittarius for this week.
2. Ten of HeartsTen of Hearts, the fortune telling card for Sagittarius for this week.
3. King of HeartsKing of Hearts, the fortune telling card for Sagittarius for this week.
4. Nine of ClubsNine of Clubs, the fortune telling card for Sagittarius for this week.
horoscope talismans

Ancient Words of Wisdom

Every Month, our Chief Astrologer, Pandit Sarveshji brings you useful extracts from the ancient scriptures. This months piece is:

How can the gemstones, talismans etc that we acquire, help us to appease and pacify heavenly bodies? According to the scriptures, a parallel universe, complete with planets, stars, constellations etc exists in the human body. Obviously, this universe does not exist in the same physical form we know through astronomy. However, this can be experienced by the awakening of the 'Kundilini'. The planets and heavenly bodies have been accorded the status of demigods. There are not all powerful and rely on offerings made on Earth for strength. This is why when we on Earth pray to or appease the power representing a planet, by acquiring it's gemstone or Yantra, that power is quickly gratified and responds by bestowing it's blessings.
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