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Master Astrologers

Meet our expert astrologers, their credentials are undeniably remarkable.

Pundit Sarvesh Nagarvedic

Pundit Sarvesh Nagarvedicji is an authority on astrology and has a very rare qualification, he is an eighth generation, professional astrologer. In fact, he comes from a long line of astrologers, who have held the position of, 'Official Royal Astrologers', since the days of the court of the ruler of the erstwhile principality of Sirmour, located in the Himalayan region of Northern India, way back in the 15th century. Pundit Sarveshji's forefathers were experts of 'Kashmiri Vidya', an ancient fortune telling method that combined the principles of numerology with divine intuition. Today, Sarveshji combines the knowledge and experience of astrology that his ancestors have documented over the last 500 years, with modern computer software, to make his unique astrological predictions. Sarveshji is the Chief Astrologer at and oversees the final analysis and interpretations, for all our astrology readings and predictions.

Chief Astrologer at

Pundit Anand Sharma

Pundit Anand Sharma is a young understudy of Pundit Sarveshji, he is a qualified 'Shastri', that is, he has obtained a Graduate University degree in the study of the Vedic scriptures. Anand draws up the charts, aspects and transits and processes the data required for analysis by Pundit Sarveshji.

Assistant Astrologer at

Pundit Hemchand Sharma

Pundit Hemchandji has been practicing astrology for the last 45 years. He is a qualified 'Shastri' and a 'Jyotish Aacharya, or a scholar of astrology. Pundit Hemchandji works as an astrological consultant for us.


Senior Astrologer at
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