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Lucky Draw

Terms of our Lucky Draw Competition :
  1. An entrant may only submit the Lucky Draw form once. Only one entry per entrant will be considered for the Lucky Draw.
  2. Entrants are required to share the messages shown on screen through their personal social media accounts.
  3. These are promotional messages about www.powerfortunes.com and are not to be editted.
  4. An entrant has to enter their name and e-mail address, so that they may be identified and contacted regarding the Lucky Draw, in the future.
  5. An entry will only be considered for the Lucky Draw if all three messages are shared on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.
  6. The draw is made using a purpose designed computer programme which randomly generates one name from all valid entries, for a particular month. The draw is conducted on the 30th of every month and the results are posted on our ‘Free Horoscopes’ webpage, (the URL being, https://www.powerfortunes.com/free-horoscopes.php#Results.)
  7. Entrants are requested to check the results on or after the 30th of the month, and contact the Webmaster, providing any additional information, such as postal address, as requested.
  8. The winner will receive an energised Swastik Locket, free of cost. This will be dispatched by Airmail.
  9. The winning enterant must send an e-mail confirming their postal address, to PowerFortunes.com, , using the same e-mail address submitted with their entry.
  10. Entries not fulfilling the above conditions will not be considered.
  11. The Webmasters decision regarding any dispute will be final.

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