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Sample Astrology Readings

Below is a sample of the three question, astrology readings:
* Certain details have been omitted to protect the privacy of the Querents.

Question 1: I married 5 years ago, due to my husband's drinking and other problems, we have been separated for X years. I am looking for a legal separation now but as I have an X year old son as well, I am always confused. I would like to know what would be beneficial for me. Before my marriage, I was in a relation with a boy named John Doe (DOB dd-mm-yyyy). I came in touch with him X months ago and we eventually again felt the same feelings for each other. I really love him a lot and would like to settle down with him. Would this be possible and if yes, then how can I get him back.


Answer: According to your birth chart, Jupiter and Saturn occupy to your spouse's house and both these planets are in retrograde and are therefore weak. The Sun and Mars occupy your ascendant's house and influence your spouse's house. Due to Mars's position, you are what is known in Vedic astrology as being, ‘Manglik’, which required that you have your horoscope be match for compatibility with your husband's, before you got married. From their respective positions, Mars and the Sun oppose the planets in your spouse’s house and as Saturn is in retrograde, it cannot subdue Mars's negative influence on your marriage.

You are presently passing through a major transit of Saturn, which was also prevalent when you got married. In your birth chart, Rahu is placed in an enemy zodiac, which brings out this planet's negative characteristics. In May, 200* you entered a minor transit of Rahu and this caused Rahu to have a negative influence on Saturn, causing disturbances in your marriage. This compounded the above mentioned negative planetary influences on your marriage. In addition to this, you were also passing through a 7 and a 1/2 year, negative transit of Saturn, according to your birth zodiac. This transit ended on the 15th of July, 200*, but would have caused much turmoil and disturbance in your life, which is characteristic of this transit. Therefore, there were several complicated negative influences at play during your marriage and period of separation.

Regarding your question, we also cast a horary chart for this question according to which, you should maintain the present status quo and at the present time should you neither initiate divorce proceedings, nor should you try and reconcile with your husband. As till November, 200* the plans you make will not materialise and may cause you financial losses.

You need to have your horoscope matched with your husband's, before you can decide how you should proceed. Both your horary and birth charts strongly suggest that your compatibility is probably low. The Sun and the fiery Mars make you somewhat short tempered and less tolerant of others. At the present time, there are greater chances that you will get divorced, however doing so will not solve your problems. After November this situation will change and there are less chances of divorce, but what you do at that point in time will have fruitful results. If your husband's horoscope is not compatible with your own, your marriage is likely to end in divorce.

The Vashikaran Yantra and Mantra will not have a strong positive influence over your relationship with your husband or John Doe. To help you overcome you problems, you should wear a 3.3 to 3.96 carat red coral, set in a gold locket. This will strengthen Mars, which is your lord of fate and wealth. Although this will have a negative effect on your marriage, if your husband’s chart is not compatible with your own, however this condition will still remain even if you do not wear a red coral. You should also acquire a 3.5"x 3.5" Mangal Yantra for strengthening and appeasing Mars and a Mahamrityunjay Yantra for appeasing the planets having a negative influence in your chart. You should also recite the Mahamrityunjay Mantra. Jupiter is the lord of your ascendant and your house and actions. You must strengthen Jupiter by remaining vegetarian, not consuming alcohol, wearing yellow on Thursdays and reciting the Brahaspathi Beej Mantra for Jupiter.

You do not appear to have a future with John Doe. Your horary chart shows that his intentions are not entirely honourable, he is not interested in committing to a marriage with you and his marriage will be to someone of his and his parent’s choice and liking. John does not mean you harm and can help you as a friend, but he does not want to marry you and is ignoring you as he wishes to escape from your suggestions of marriage. Unfortunately, your plans in this regard will not work out.

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Question 2: Do you see any health issues for me?

Answer: You do not have any immediate health problems that you need to worry about. Presently, you are passing through a major transit of Mercury, with a minor transit of Mars. After January, 200* you enter a minor transit of the malefic Vedic planet, 'Rahu'. In you natal chart, 'Rahu' has a mildly negative influence over your health. Rahu's currently astrological position has it placed in an enemy zodiac, bringing out is more negative characteristics and this will continue till March, 200*. Therefore, when your minor 'Rahu' transit commences, you may face a few health problems. The problems that you encounter during this period will however, not be of a serious nature and will be an aggravation of existing health issues.

After July, 20** you enter a major transit of the malefic Vedic planet, 'Ketu', which is the opposite end of 'Rahu'. This transit will unfortunately bring health problems of a more serious nature. After December, 20** you enter a minor transit of Venus in the major transit of 'Ketu' and your health problems with continue and may be compounded during this period.

The health problems you may face during the above mentioned periods may relate to joint pains, stomach aliments, spinal problems, eye problems, chest pains as well as other types of internal ailments.

You should have no significant health problems in the intervening period between October, 20** and July, 20**.

Question 3: What kind of changes can I expect in my work/career life.

Answer: Saturn is your lord of fate and lord of actions and therefore has a prominent role in in your professional life.

Venus is your ascendant’s lord and you are also currently passing through a minor transit of Venus. The ascendant’s lord is responsible for one’s thoughts, temperament, physical well-being and success. In your natal chart, Saturn is placed in your 8th house, but this is in retrograde and therefore weak. At the present time you are passing through a minor transit of Venus, while Saturn has a favourable influence on your working life.

The Sun is the lord of your Moon sign and rules over your house of material assets. After August your minor transit changes from that of Venus to one of the sun, this is a good period for your professional life and you can expect to find a fair deal of success in your career from the present time right upto August, 20**.

There may not be any major changes during this period, but any changes that do occur will be favourable. You may receive some honours or promotions between August and May, 20**.

For further success in your career you should acquire the Mahamrityunjay and Mahakali Yantra talismans. The Mahamrityunjay Yantra will reduce the negative effects of ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ in your chart. This Yantra will also strengthen Venus, Saturn and appease Mars. This is a powerful talisman that has many qualities, including the power to bring health, wealth, good fortune, happiness in the home and success. This Yantra is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva, who forms part of the divine trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Acquiring Lord Shiva's Yantra will bestow his blessings, which negates the effects of malefic planets, as they cannot defy Lord Shiva's will. The Mahakali Yantra will bring you success and strengthen the positive influence of Saturn on your life.

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