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Talisman Instructions

Power Fortunes' Power Yantras have the energised according to the ancient Vedas and have been ignited with positive energy. 'Yantras' possess infinite power, derived from the faith of those worship them. Yantras produce powerful effects, which maybe more pronounced for certain individuals, depending on the horoscope, faith and deeds of the individual. However, a Yantra, under all circumstances will be of benefit to it's worshippers. Even if due to exceptional circumstances, this effect is not apparent, the Yantra should always be treated with respect and powerful results will follow.

The following instructions apply to locket talismans, lucky bracelets, necklaces, prayer beads and those talismans and amulets that are to be worn. As our talismans have already been energised, the following procedure is optional and need not be performed.

  1. Your lucky object may be worn in the morning of a day whose date (d+d) or compound date (dd + mm+ yyyy) equals your compound number (your date of birth, dd + mm+ yyyy, reduced to a single digit, e.g. if your date of birth is 25th December, 1984, your compound number = 2+5+1+2+1+9+8+4 = 3+2 = 5).
  2. Alternatively, you may wear or use your new talisman on the 'Lucky Dates' suggested on our monthly horoscopes page. If any of these dates coincides with the above compound number, this will be the most suitable date for you.
  3. Close your both eyes, relax and clear your mind of all thoughts.
  4. Focus your concentration on the centre of your forehead, just above the bridge of your nose.
  5. Lightly rub the palms of your hands and fill them with warmth and positive energy.
  6. Thank the 'Almighty' / the God in whom you believe / any God / the supreme positive energy that pervades through the Universe.
  7. Take your talisman / prayer beads / object and place it face-up on your left palm, such that the face of the talisman faces skywards.
  8. Cover the object with your right hand palm and recite the words given below. You should be positive when your object is in your hands. Your wish should be positive and possible.
  9. I, (your full name), son of / daughter of, (your father's name), born on (your date of birth), at (your place of birth), now resident at (the place where you live), thank the 'Almighty' for bringing me this lucky talisman.
  10. Recite the following chant eleven times:
  11. "Endless good now comes to me in endless ways."
  12. End the process by saying,
  13. "From this day onwards, my luck and fortune is supporting me. Please accept my prayers and forgive me for my mistakes."
  14. You may now wear your talisman / lucky object. Yantras can be combined with practices and symbols of all religions, subject to the above points.
  15. Your locket, key ring or prayer beads may be cleaned with pure, natural, plant/herbal, aromatic oils such as jasmine oil, rose oil, lavender oil and sandalwood oil. The oil may be gently worked into the surface, with clean cotton buds or a cotton cloth.
  16. Avoid using water to prevent tarnishing and a moisture damage, however holy water or ‘*Ganges’ water (if available) can be periodically sprinkled on the object, to purify the talisman/beads. Afterwards, dry your talisman/beads thoroughly, but gently.
  17. If possible, remove your talisman/beads while swimming in a pool, showering and during menstrual cycles. These items do not need to be removed while swimming in a river/ocean, but can be dried afterwards.
  18. Your talisman/beads may be re-worn three days after the menstrual cycle is complete.
  19. If this locket is not being worn, you may place this in a clean, covered container, made of any suitable material. You may sprinkle a few drops of either holy water/*Ganges water, sandalwood oil, lavender oil, jasmine oil, rose oil or a mixture of all of these, in this container. You may also place a small piece of camphor as a disinfectant and optionally, one or two small, fresh flowers.
  20. This container may be kept at any appropriate place in your home, as long as this is clean and will remain undisturbed by anyone other than yourself. If you have a place of worship or place where religious symbols are kept, this would be an appropriate location.
  21. Please also visit the FAQs page for further details.
  22. Click on this link for information about the availability of *'Gangese' water on ©Amazon. This is not a recommendation of this Seller, please use your own descretion.
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