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Item 91, Fortune Telling Pack

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Each pack of these amazing cards contains 32 titled cards, with pictorial descriptions and text interpretations. No special tarot or divinatory skills are required to use them. Each pack contains a set of easy to learn instructions, printed on a single page.

Anyone can use the 'POWER FORTUNES' Fortune Telling Cards to accurately predict their own, or someone else’s future. The cards will always reliably guide you through life’s uncertainties.

Using these Fortune Telling Cards helps to develop psychic abilities and make a perfect alternative / supplementary method of divination for tarot / psychic readers, astrologers, numerologists.

*SPECIAL OFFER*: Get a FREE locket talisman, 'Vashikaran' for attracting love or 'Shri Yantra', for wealth and success, with your pack of cards. Click here, for details.

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