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Astrology/Tarot Reading & Report Guidlines

Follow these guidlines to get the best out of your astrology or Tarot prediction:

  1. The most important part of an astrology reading, or a Tarot reading for that matter, is the manner in which you frame your questions. Try and make your questions as simple and specific as possible, because the more specific the question, the more accurate the answer.
  2. Be brief, but do mention all relevant details and do not assume that the astrologer or Tarot reader will know the background to your matter, they will only be focussed on answering your questions.
  3. Wherever appropriate, mention the dates of past events that relate to your question, this will allow the astrologer/Tarot reader to correlate these events and the factors responsible for them, with your predictions.
  4. Please remember, these are not psychic readings, which rely on the power of intuition, but are astrological predictions that are made by interpreting the planets and transits as they exist in your horoscope, using the well defined laws of astrology. While astrological predictions are usually more accurate than psychic readings, they do not allow for the analysis of micro - detail. Therefore, please expect to receive a broad, but accurate reading. An example of one of our readings is available here.
  5. If your question involves another person (e.g. if your question relates to your astrological compatibility with another person), their name, time, place and date of birth will also be required. This may be sent along with your question. However, please limit your questions to one per text field and one person other than yourself, per reading.
  6. If you are not sure of your precise time of birth, you can use our Horary Astrology readings. Using this form of astrology, it is possible to find the answer to a particular question, by casting a horoscope specifically in relation to when the question was asked. The results of such readings do not usually afford much detail, but can provide accurate answers. Likewise in the case of an Astrology Compatibility report, if you are not aware of your partner's time of birth, a Horary Astrology can be used to know if a particular relationship will be successful or not.
  7. Please also review the astrology readings FAQs.
  8. Making an astrological reading is a serious business and must be dealt with in a similar frame of mind, in order for accurate, meaningful predictions to be made. We therefore request that frivolous questions not be asked. Given below are examples of the types of questions that should not be asked, as they are liable to be disregarded. These are actual user contributions:
  • When will I die? (We don't do death.)
  • Does so and so fancy me?
  • What will I have for breakfast tomorrow?
  • Will I buy new clothes tomorrow?
  • What will my life be like? (We need to know in what manner specifically.)
  • What is the colour of my ex - girlfriend's hair?
  • Will I get a tattoo on Saturday?

After you have filled out the Question Form, please do not forget to complete the process of ordering your predictions by completing your Order Form.

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