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Item 83, Lucky Talisman, No.7

  • Item 83, Lucky Talisman, No.7
  • Item 83, Lucky Talisman, No.7
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SKU # : Pwr.lk83X140-m
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Choose this locket if your lucky number, date of birth or compound talent number is, 'Seven'.
This zodiac charm has been consecrated through an astrological energising ceremony.
Each unisex pendant is made of die-cast white metal and contains nine gemstones, representing the nine different Vedic planets. The positive astrological influence of all nine planets, combined with the effect of your luck number brings good fortune, success, protection and helps to overcome obstacles.
  • All PowerFortunes.com lockets will be sent with a free 80cm(approx.) long, black, nylon thread. The locket can be worn by threading this thread through the locket's ring, cutting to a suitable length and tying the open ends. Using this thread is optional and for your convenience, any suitable, existing chain or thread may also be used.
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