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ITEM 36 Feng Shui Yantra

Feng Shui Amulet
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  • ITEM 36 Feng Shui Yantra
SKU # Pwr.fy36X22-m
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Description ↴ An exclusive Power Fortunes design, combining the effects of Feng Shui and Vedic Talismans. Acquiring this amulet will bestow harmony and success. With a Stoneware lamp, in which a smokeless candle and fragrant oils can be placed.
  • This is a unique PowerFortunes.com combination talisman, comprising of different types of powerful Vedic talismans.
  • This combination Yantra uses solid Yantras and plate type Yantras, which are mounted on a single base.
  • This combination is energised on an astrologically auspicious date.
  • The different talismans work together in unison to help achieve the desire results.
  • Acquiring the largest talisman size is not essential. All our talismans, including those in the smallest size, are powerful and capable of delivering positive results. The rule of thumb is to spend an amount of money that is within your purchasing power.
  • Visit the 'Talisman Secrets' page to learn more about Yantra talismans and their workings.
  • Can be specially energised in the name of the customer by PowerFortunes.
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