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The Horoscope for the Day of the 2018 Royal Wedding

The Astrology of the Harry & Megan Royal Wedding
The Astrology of the Harry & Megan Royal Wedding
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The much awaited Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle is scheduled for 12PM BST, Saturday May 19th, 2018 at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, in England. Many predictions have been made about the possible future of this marriage, based on the horoscopes of both individuals, so at PowerFortunes, we thought we’d try something different. What of the astrological factors influencing the day itself? What might these details reveal about the wedding day and the future prospects of this relationship?

To make an accurate astrological analysis of any event, an exact time, date and place are required and in the case of this Royal event, we have all three. The horoscope chart shown above, has been cast at the exact time and place for the wedding, according to the principles of Vedic astrology.

The exact time at which the Archbishop will conduct the actual exchange of vows, is not known, but the ascendant of this chart is placed at 01.48 degrees, which means that this horoscope will prevail for over two hours past 12PM.


A Royal Occasion

The standout feature of this chart is that the Sun is the lord of the ascendant. In astrology, the Sun is considered to be a planet with ‘Royal’ characteristics. This however, could be a matter of sheer coincidence, as the commencement of the ceremony lies between two auspicious periods. A list of the auspicious periods for the month of May (2018), shows that the first period ends 12 hours before the beginning of the ceremony, while the latter begins 12 hours afterwards. As a result, this important event will not be able to take any advantage of either period. Had this not been the case, this union would have benefited from a positive beginning, associating it with great success and good fortune. It is also possible that the royal astrologer was overruled due to extraneous considerations.

Essentially, this chart shows that this relationship will bring fame, popularity and power and all of this will be associated with the positive sides of these characteristics. That is, there will be fame, but not notoriety and this power will be used to influence people in a positive way.

The Sun is the only planet occupying the central houses of this chart and is hence, the most influential planet. The malefic Vedic planets, ‘Rahu’ ☊ and Ketu’ ☋ have been relegated to the periphery of the chart. This is quite consistent with the nature of the event and shows that everything will go according to plan, the event will draw admiration and will be roundly regarded as a success. These planetary alignments are also an indication that the future of this relationship will not be plagued by doubt, nor will this suffer from discord, uncertainty or leave either partner with a feeling of dissatisfaction.

This chart suggests that Prince Harry will be the dominant partner in this relationship and will lead the way. The Moon occupies the X1th house, with a neutral Venus and rules over the X1Ith house. This indicates that there will be a background of love and affection in this relationship and this will help the relationship to prosper and grow, despite an imbalance.

Main Astrological & Numerological Points

The main astrological and numerological features of the day are:

  • Ascendant: Leo
  • Constellation (Nakshatra): Punarvasu 3
  • Moon sign: Gemini
  • Compound Date: 8
  • Moon Phase: Waxing day 5
  • Rahu Kal: 09:00A.M. to 10:30A.M.

These characteristics are also largely favourable. Notably, this union will take place under the constellation (Nakshatra) of ‘Punarvasu’. There are 27 ‘Nakshatras’, each associated with different zodiac signs, but not all of these are suitable for marriage dates. ‘Punarvasu’ however, is. This indicates that the respective in-laws will maintain cordial ties, but also a respectful distance. If there are differences, these will be worked out in a mature, sensible manner.

Another favourable factor is that this event takes place during the waxing period of the Moon. Most Vedic astrologers believe that all important matters should be started during the Moon’s waxing phase, as this leads to future progress and success. This will also allow the other positive astrological factors to have a more pronounced role in the future.


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Astrological Harmony

We can therefore, all rest assured that astrologically, this is a match made in heaven and everything will be hunky-dory. Alas, this is seldom the case when marriages are involved and a deeper analysis of these astrological details shows that there are in fact, a few potential problem areas. Three numbers influence the fortunes of this relationship, those being 1, 5 and 8. The total of the digits for the date, equals ‘1’. Although this is the corresponding number for the Sun, this is not auspicious for the future of this relationship, despite the largely favourable nature of the above chart. This will subdue some of the above described favourable characteristics. This is also confirmed by the fact that the compound date equals ‘8’. These two factors do throw somewhat of a spanner in the works. How large, or small this spanner proves to be, depends on the specifics of the horoscopes of both partners. Suffice to say, if the respective horoscopes of both partners are not in complete harmony with the numbers ‘1’ and ‘8’, there will be difficulties that may relate to ego struggles and stubborn disagreements. However, ‘5’ has a favourable influence. This number, along with the general nature of the horoscope chart for the day, suggests that these problems should not affect the long term success of the marriage.

At this point in time, the astrologers at haven’t been able to compare the charts of Prince Harry or Meghan Markle. Although the above chart does provide a deep insight into the nature and future of this relationship, a true analysis of its success can only be ascertained through a complete astrological compatibility report.

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