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May 2024 Astrology News & Stories

Astrology News for May 2024
Astrology News for May 2024
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May is Taurus and Gemini season.

Although there are no major religious or spiritual events this month, May marks a change of seasons and entry to a warmer time of the year in most of the Northern Hemisphere. It is for this reason that there are several days in May that are dedicated to the Sun, light and peace.

Sarah Chauncey Woolsey, an American children's author who lived from 1835 to 1905 said this of May,

"The world's favourite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May."

Some noteworthy dates this month include:

  1. May Day, May 01. A religious day of celebration of a pagan origin.
  2. National Day of Prayer, May 2. This is essentially observed in the United States alone.
  3. Sun Day, May 3. Formerly known as, 'International Sun Day', held in honour of the Sun.
  4. Orthodox Easter Monday, May 6. Celebrated by the Eastern Orthodox Church.
  5. Ascension Day, May 9. This occurs 40 days after Easter and marks Jesus's ascent to heaven.
  6. International Day of Light, May 16.
  7. International Day of Living Together in Peace, May 16.

News Updates for May 2024

A round-up of breaking news and the most interesting stories from the world of astrology and esotericism.

According to Tarot reader, Sagie Mendelbaum, the Israeli singer for the 2024 Eurovision, Eden Golan could win the competition. Mendelbaum says in order to achieve this Golan must, "Not be afraid of the reactions". The Tarot reader also advises the singer to remain elegant and to not get emotional.

Mendelbaum has made a Tarot reading for the event scheduled for 11 May 2024 and the Tarot card that came out in the arrangement for Golan was the, 'High Priestess'. Mendelbaum says this is, "A card of self-respect, total dedication, and few words. Golan's first instinct might be the need to make big speeches, to defend us, herself, and the song, but in fact, the opposite is true". It is claimed that the song shows the Jewish state's artistic side, its culture and an investment in the performing arts.

The Israeli entry to the Eurovisions assumes importance because of the current political and humanitarian crisis in the region.

Reporter, Kira Erickson had her birth chart cast and read by former New York Times foreign correspondent, Graham Gori. Gori provided Erickson with advice about her career and relationship, of which Erickson said, "Because I'm in a relationship, Graham told me, I am already on my path to doing my evolutionary work, and that it wouldn't be happening if I were a single woman."

Philip Schofield, former co-host on 'This Morning', a TV show on the UK's ITV channel, was embroiled in a scandal last year, after admitting to having an "unwise but not illegal" affair with a younger colleague.

Well, celebrity psychic, Inbaal Honigman has now predicted that Schofield will make a TV comeback, according to her tarot cards. Speaking to the Daily Star, Honigman claimed that the tarot "Predicts a calm and quiet year" ahead for Phillip and that he will be handed more than one TV gig. "He'll delve into a regular spiritual practice, and focusing on doing good will ensure that the TV veteran is able to feel as if he's part of a community again. There will be two TV opportunities, but he's not sure whether to say yes", Inbaal said.

The psychic also predicted that Philip's comeback may come in the form of a career change. "The colours and textures of those tarot cards indicate very strongly that Phil will be doing some writing, so a book or a play may be in the works", she explained.

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In an interview to 'People' magazine, astrologer Lisa Stardust analysed Charles and Camilla's connection on their 19th year of marriage. According to Stardust, "They will always be drawn to each other, which is evident in their enduring relationship over the years." She was also of the opinion that, "King Charles and Queen Camilla have an 'Unconditional' love".

A 59 year old woman who chooses to remain anonymous said she had been told during a Tarot card reading that money would soon come into her life. The woman won $500,000 playing the Michigan Lottery's 50x Wild Time.

She said, "Once a week I purchase a few instant games and I usually always buy them from the same store. The day I won, I was on my way to a Tarot reading, so I stopped at a different store, purchased some tickets and put them in my purse. Later that night, I scratched the tickets. I saw the star symbol and thought, 'Well at least I won my money back' assuming it would be a $10 win. Much to my surprise, I revealed a prize of $500,000". She also said of the experience that, "I tried to remain calm, but I knew right then and there this had just changed my life!"

The woman said she was thinking of all the ways the predicted money would come into her life, not thinking about the lottery tickets in her purse.

The luck lady plans to pay off her car, take a cruise with a friend and invest the remainder of her winnings.

Astrologer Linda Simons has made an analysis of Jupiter's entry into Gemini that occurs on May 25, 2024 and continues till June 9, 2025, according to Western astrology. Simons explains that, "Jupiter is the planet associated with expansion, growth, optimism and luck". Therefore, "Jupiter in Gemini will push us to think deeply and communicate. But if the truth be told, Jupiter is not all that comfortable in Gemini because Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the opposite sign. And Sagittarius is always looking for the higher meaning in life. Jupiter in the sign of Gemini can be an extremely busy time, involving more reading, learning and talking. Simons also says that this alignment will lead to heightened activity on social media, so we need to be, "Open-minded when Jupiter is in Gemini and learn from others."

The presence of Jupiter in Gemini will have consequences for each of the zodiac signs and Linda has recommendations for each.

It should be mentioned that Western astrology calculations differ from Vedic sidereal astrology and according to sidereal astrology, Jupiter does not enter Gemini at this point in time.

Moxy Hotels and the astrology app, Sanctuary announced a yearlong "Cosmic Curations" partnership in January. Available at all of the 60-plus Moxy hotels worldwide, this travel partnership includes astro-inspired cocktails and coffee, pre-recorded horoscopes and localised programming like an aura photography session or Full Moon watch party. The launch party in Miami, included tarot readings, a "choose-your-crystal" station, aura photos, and even beach balls decorated to look like the Moon.

Astro-themed hotel packages seem to be a new trend. As Haley Houseman, Sanctuary Creative Director explained, "Recently, we have seen a growing trend of people planning their vacations based on the stars, not only looking for inspiration about where to go based on their sign, but what their planetary lines tell them about when to go, and who to go with. Our partnership this year with Moxy Hotels is specifically designed to help enable this type of travel in 2024."

Other hotels have leaned into their existing astro-appeal to launch themed packages. The Memphian in Memphis, Tennessee features a bar called Tiger & Peacock with a stunning painted zodiac ceiling. The hotel opened in 2021 and after seeing how much of a draw the ceiling and accompanying themed cocktails were, they launched an "Astrology Overnight" package for 2024 featuring zodiac themed gifts and a roof deck stargazing session.

Another apparently popular trend in astrology related travel is that of 'Astrocartography'. This is a field of astrology that involves mapping out your birth chart over a map of the Earth to identify which locations intersect with various planetary lines, thus making them lucky or unlucky spots for you. Interest in astrocartography has increased exponentially in recent years. Google search trends show that searches for "Astrocartography" hit a five-year peak in December 2023. While on TikTok, videos tagged #astrocartography have more than 116 million views.

A new survey of 2,069 U.S. adults from a Harris Poll, conducted in February 2024 reveals that millennials are the generation most interested in astrology by a wide margin. Gen Z is markedly more skeptical. While 83 percent of millennials surveyed said they are either "somewhat" or a "total" believer in astrology, only 62 percent of Gen Zers said the same. When you look at all ages of Americans as a whole, 69 percent were astro-believers, which means Gen-Z is less interested in astrology than Gen-X too.

The survey also recorded that 47% of all Americans agreed with the statement, "Astrology gives me more confidence".

The New York Post seems to think so, citing the release of Taylor Swift's 11th studio album, 'The Tortured Poets Department', as evidence. They also say, "Swift's double album was released mere hours before the planet of love (Venus) and the planet of communication (Mercury) conjoined in the cardinal cauldron of Aries."

Kas & Poly is a new restaurant in Manila, that offers its patrons a zodiac based, 12 course menu, ala carte meals inspired by the signs and drinks based on planets. The food is based on Mediterranean cuisine, specifically Turkish, Italian, Spanish and Greek flavours.

The restaurant hosts a Gemini Lounge and will soon be offering a, "12-course zodiac tasting menu coming this May. This course is crafted to correspond with the 12 astrological signs." Some of the items that can presently be ordered include, the "xAquarius Chelo Kebab".

Famous Birthdays this Month

Some famous personalities with birthdays in May are:

  • Jamie Dornan, May 1, 1982
  • Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, May 2, 1972
  • David Beckham, May 2, 1975
  • Christina Hendricks, May 3, 1975
  • Sigmund Freud, May 6, 1856
  • George Clooney, May 6, 1961
  • Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, May 7, 1840
  • Evita Peron, May 7, 1919
  • Traci Lords, May 7, 1968
  • Billy Joel, May 9, 1949
  • Salvador Dali, May 11, 1904
  • Emily VanCamp, May 12, 1986
  • Mark Zuckerberg, May 14, 1984
  • Pierce Brosnan, May 16, 1953
  • Megan Fox, May 16, 1986
  • Malcolm X, May 19, 1925
  • Plato, May 21, 428 BC
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, May 22, 1859
  • Laurence Olivier, May 22, 1907
  • Queen Victoria, May 24, 1819
  • Cillian Murphy, May 25, 1976
  • John Wayne, May 26, 1907
  • Ian Fleming, May 28, 1908
  • John F. Kennedy, May 29, 1961
  • Clint Eastwood, May 31, 1930

Important Dates

These are the most favourable and unfavourable dates this month, according to the prevailing celestial alignments. The good dates are the best of those mentioned for our 'Monthly Lucky Dates' section. This selection is suitable for commencing or undertaking any type of important task, be this of a personal or professional nature. Doing so will multiply your returns and increases the chances of success. The opposite is true of the inauspicious dates.

The Most Auspicious Dates in May

  • May 04:
    • Indian Standard Time (IST) From: May 04, 20:39 to 22:07 (04) IST.
    • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) From: May 4, 11:09 to 12:37 (4) EDT*.
    • This is a 'Dwipushkar Yog' that occurs on the 12th day of the waning moon, during the 'Nakshatra' of 'Purva Bhadrapada'.
    • The 'Punarvasu Nakshatra', or constellation is considered to be neutral.
  • May 20:
    • Indian Standard Time (IST) From: May 20, 03:16 to 06:00 (20) IST.
    • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) From: May 19, 17:46 to 20:30 (19) EDT*.
    • A 'Tripushkar Yog' will start on the 20th, at the time mentioned and end on the same day.
    • This occurs on the 12th day of the waxing moon, during the 'Nakshatra' of 'Chitra'.
    • The 'Chitra Nakshatra', or constellation is considered to be auspicious.

The Most Inauspicious Dates in May

  • May 06 to 07:
    • Indian Standard Time (IST) From: May 06, 14:40 to 01:09 (07) IST.
    • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) From: May 6, 05:10 to 15:39 (6) EDT*.
    • Three unfavourable periods, 'Gand Mool', 'Bhadra' and 'Panchak' coincide on the 13th to the 14th days of the waning moon.
  • May 24 to 26:
    • Indian Standard Time (IST) From: May 24, 10:10 to 10:36 (26) IST.
    • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) From: May 24, 00:40 to 01:06 (26) EDT*.
    • An unfavourable period of, 'Gand Mool' will occur on the 1st day of the waning moon till the 3rd day.

* The times shown are in IST (Indian Standard Time). You may use an online time converter to get your local time.

Lunar Phases for May

The moon will follow the following alignments this month:

Waning Crescent of the Moon. Day, 4
At the beginning of the month, the moon will be at day '8' of its waning phase, in Scorpio. ☽ ♏
The New Moon
The new moon will be on, Wednesday, May 8 and the moon will occupy the sign of Aries. ☽ ♈
The Full Moon
The full moon will be on, Thursday, May 23. The May full moon is referred to as a, 'Flower Moon' and the moon will be in the sign of Scorpio. ☽ ♏

Planetary Trends for May

The horoscope charts will progress as follows during the course of the month. For an explanation of some of the terminology used, see our 'Astrology Glossary'.

  1. At the beginning of May, Mercury will rule the ascendant.
  2. A weak and debilitated Moon will be the ascendant's lord by the end of the month.
Horoscope Chart for Thu May 2 2024 Horoscope chart for Thu May 2 2024.
Horoscope Chart for Sat May 11 2024 Horoscope chart for Sat May 11 2024.
Horoscope Chart for Mon May 20 2024 Horoscope chart for Mon May 20 2024.
Horoscope Chart for Fri May 31 2024 Horoscope chart for Fri May 31 2024.
  1. The Sun ⊙:
    • At the beginning of May, the Sun will be favourably placed in the sign of Aries, at 17° where it is conjunct with Venus and in conflict with Rahu. ⊙ ♈
    • By around mid-May, the Sun will be weak at about 00:52° and neutral in the friendly sign of Taurus, conjunct with Jupiter. ⊙ ♉
    • By the end of the month, the Sun will be at over 15° conjunct with Jupiter and Venus, while remaining in Taurus. ⊙ ♉
  2. The Moon ☽:
    • At the beginning of May, the Moon will be in the sign of Capricorn and strong at 14°. ☽ ♑
    • By around mid-May it will be neutral and at about 28°, in the sign of Cancer. ☽ ♋
    • By the end of the month, the Moon will be strong, but debilitated in Aquarius, in conjunction with Saturn and at over 23° in strength. ☽ ♒
  3. Jupiter ♃:
    • At the beginning of May, Jupiter will be strong at over 29° and favourably placed in the friendly zodiac sign of Aries. ♃ ♈
    • By around mid-May it will reach just over 03:18° in Taurus in conjunction with the Sun. ♃ ♉
    • By the end of May Jupiter will be combusted, conjunct with Venus and the Sun, in Taurus, at 7°. ♃ ♉
  4. Rahu ☊:
    • At the beginning of May, the malefic Rahu will be at about 21° and debilitated in the sign of Pisces. ☊ ♓
    • By around mid-May it will still be at 20°, in Pisces, conjunct with Mercury and Venus. ☊ ♓
    • By the end of May, Rahu will be in conjunction with Mars, in Pisces, at over 19°. ☊ ♓
  5. Mercury ☿:
    • At the beginning of May, Mercury will be strong at 22° in the enemy sign of Pisces. ☿ ♓
    • By around mid-May Mercury will be weak, but neutral in Aries, at 05:24°. ☿ ♈
    • By the end of the month, Mercury will be weak at over 29°, debilitated in Aries. ☿ ♈
  6. Venus ♀:
    • At the beginning of May, Venus will be weak at 07:55°, in the friendly sign of Aries. ♀ ♈
    • By around mid-May this planet will be at about 25° and favourably placed in Aries in conjunction with Mercury and Rahu. ♀ ♈
    • By the end of the month, Venus will be combusted, at 7° in conjunction with Jupiter and the Sun, in its own sign of Taurus. ♀ ♉
  7. Ketu ☋:
    • At the beginning of May, the malefic Ketu will be at 21° and strongly placed in the friendly zodiac sign of Virgo. ☋ ♍
    • By around mid-May it will still be in Virgo, at 20°. ☋ ♍
    • By May end, Ketu will remain in Virgo and would have slighly increased in strength, to just over 19.50°. ☋ ♍
  8. Mars ♂:
    • At the beginning of May, Mars will be strong at 6° and debilitated in Pisces. ♂ ♓
    • By around mid-May it will remain debilitated in Pisces, at 17°. ♂ ♓
    • By the end of May, Mars will be conjunct with Rahu, in the friendly sign of Pisces, at around 6°. ♂ ♓
  9. Saturn ♄:
    • During early May, a strong Saturn will occupy its own zodiac sign of Aquarius, at 22°. ♄ ♒
    • By mid-May, it will be at about 23° in Aquarius. ♄ ♒
    • By the end of May, Saturn will be at around 24.30° and favourably placed in its own zodiac sign of Aquarius. ♄ ♒

Stars Watch

The main celestial events for May are:

  1. May 3, a Moon-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius.
  2. May 5, a Moon-Mars conjunction in Pisces.
  3. May 5 to 6, Eta Aquarids meteor shower.
  4. May 6, a Moon-Mercury conjunction in Pisces.
  5. May 9, Mercury will be at its greatest elongation west. That is, it will be at its farthest distance from the Sun, in the morning sky.
  6. May 25, Jupiter enters Gemini, according to Western astrology.
  7. May 31, a Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Taurus.

The horoscope charts for May Day and International Day of Light are shown below:

Horoscope Chart for May Day Horoscope chart for May Day.
Horoscope Chart for International Day of Light Horoscope chart for International Day of Light.

What's Coming Up in June?

Some important events that occur next month are:

  • The summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • The birthday for the deity that represents Saturn will fall in June.
  • June will be Gemini and Cancer seasons.
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