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The Latest Astrology News & Stories for March

Astrology News for March 2024
Astrology News for March 2024
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March is Pisces and Aries season.

It is said that, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb", as in the northern hemisphere, it is a month during which the change of season is notable.

This year, March is an important month as the colourful Hindu festival of Holi and then Holi both occur towards the end of the month. We've provided special mention of this, in our section below with predictions for your zodiac sign.

Holi is a very unique tradition that brings almost the whole of India to a hault. The interesting mythological belief behind this day has be described in detail in our article about Holi.

Other noteworthy, although not entirely astrologically relevant dates this month include:

  1. International Women's Day, March 8.
  2. Saint Patrick's Day, March 17.
  3. International Happiness Day, March 20.
  4. International Astrology Day. The first day of the zodiac sign of Aries (March 20 - 21) has been denoted as the first astrological day of the year, by the Association for Astrological Networking.
  5. Holi, March 25.
  6. Black Saturday. March 30 is a sacred day of reflection in the Philippines and renewal, honouring the day after Jesus was killed and is a time for spiritual connection and unity.
  7. Easter, March 31.

News Updates for March 2024

A round-up of breaking news and the most interesting stories from the world of astrology and esotericism.

Comedy show, SNL have Heidi Gardner play tarot reader, Jan Janby, on the shows 'Weekend Update'. She discusses her predictions for the 2024 elections in what seems is a play on Fox News's primetime tarot prediction for the 2024, US elections.

Sony Pictures has just announced that they will be releasing a movie named 'Tarot', in theaters on May 10, 2024. 'Tarot' is an upcoming horror movie from Alloy Entertainment Movies, starring Harriet Slater, Adain Bradley, Avantika, and Jacob Batalon.

The plot centres around a group of friends who violates a supposedly sacred rule of Tarot readings, never use someone else's deck. They unwittingly unleash an evil entity trapped within the cursed cards. One by one, they come face to face with fate and end up in a race against death to escape the future foretold in their readings. Tarot has been written and directed by Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg.

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Sarah Perl has created a $1 million business on TikTok, teaching an online course called "Manifest Magic", where she teaches the self-help art of 'Manifesting money'.

Perl has more than 2 million subscribers to her TikTok account, @hothighpriestess. She encourages others to join her by saying, "Someone with half the talent as you is making ten times what you're making right now just because they believe in themselves".

Dan Levy, famous for his role as David Rose, in the TV comedy, Schitt's Creek, received a tarot card reading from friend and tarot reader, Trevor Ballin. Ballin, predicted an upward trajectory in Levy's future, with a strong emphasis on love. The tarot cards hinted at significant success for Levy, possibly including a special romantic encounter this year.

Writer, Gwendolyn Kiste has put together a list that matches various tarot cards with horror films. The list reads:

  1. The Star tarot card with, Near Dark (1987).
  2. The 3 of Swords tarot card with, The Love Witch (2016).
  3. The Tower tarot card with, The Sentinel (1977).
  4. The Hermit tarot card with, The Thing (1982).
  5. The Chariot tarot card with, Lost Highway (1997).

This article in looks at Gen Z's approach to online TikTok predictions. The article cites the example of several TikTok users, such as one who began watching these online tarot readings last year, following a turbulent breakup, finding them to be a source of comfort. This particular user also makes the point that, "It's comforting to hear non-biased strangers on the internet indirectly helping you come to conclusions on things you already knew". He also says, "I know I need to practice self-love. But hearing a dozen or so people on TikTok tell me that the universe wants me to practice self-love? That feels kind of good and affirming."

The article also cites Linda Woodhead, the Head of Department in Theology and Religious Studies at King's College London, who says, "Between 20 to 25 per cent of people believe in fortune telling, and that's remained completely consistent since the 1950s. Every generation seems to rediscover it, but what it gives to people does change over time."

According to the author of this piece, Helen Li, "Alternative spiritual practices like meditating and collecting crystals are on the rise in China, prompting a crackdown by the country's internet regulators." She also writes that, "Authorities are imposing stricter rules on activities often deemed to be 'Superstitious'".

One woman told the South China Morning post that she spent more than 10,000 yuan ($1,400) on the Chinese psychic and astrology app Cece, in just two months. The company's CEO said last year that Cece was "A tech company that makes counseling accessible for everyone." Rest of World reported that speaking with gurus on Cece can still be more affordable than traditional psychotherapy, costing as little as 60 yuan ($8.40) for a 30-minute session. Chinese internet regulators have increasingly banned creators from profiting off of "Superstitious" services, which can sometimes add up to unregulated mental health counseling. Last year, the Cyberspace Administration of China said it would seek to punish "Service providers who offer fortune telling sessions."

The astrologer Lisa Stardust told US magazine, TODAY that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck easily understand each other, thanks to their shared moon and sun signs. According to Stardust they are both Leos and, "The couple shares a strong emotional bond due to their moon signs being in Scorpio." So her conclusion is, "Together, they can make things happen. They have faith in each other and are each other's strongest supporters, always rooting for each other's success."

Astrologer Kyle Thomas says Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are 'compatible across the board'. He told Fox News Digital that he gives the pair's astrological compatibility a "Nine out of ten."

WomensHealtMag explores if people are really using Tarot readings as an alternative to therapy. The writer, Alice Porter narrates her experience at a weekend at Medicine Festival. She confesses that, "I'm no stranger to traditional therapy. From talking therapy to CBT and even a couple of months of hypnotherapy, my mental health has massively benefitted from seeking out counselling in various forms over the years." She also admits that, "I was surprised to find myself crying in a tent last summer, opening up about my feelings and experiences - as I have in therapy sessions - during my first-ever Tarot reading."

Porter said this of the reading, "I found myself unpacking my feelings and opening up in a way I'm not even able to do with my closest friends - and within minutes I was in tears. The experience felt like a therapy session." At the end of the reading Porter concluded that, "If people say Tarot is helping their mental health, then that's what it's doing."

Staff writers at Taiwan News, Aimi Otani and Keira Chang have published tarot readings for the Chinese 'Year of the Dragon'. These readings can provide personal insights. The reader is to select one card of the four shown and predictions based on an interpretation of this card, have been provided. These predictions cover:

  1. Single people.
  2. Those in stable relationships.
  3. Those with relationship concerns.

This article shows details of the ancient astrology manuscript, 'The Liber astrologiae', kept in the British Library, Sloane MS 3983. Liber Albumazarus (Liber astrologiae), which has been translated into Latin from the Persian by an otherwise unknown author, named Georgius Zothorus Zaparus Fendulus. He describes himself as a sacerdotus (a 'priest' or 'cleric'), philosopher and courtier.

The author's prologue begins with an account of how he came upon the current text during his travels through Babylon and Persia, having already translated numerous texts from Persian and Syriac into Latin. He claims to have translated it from the Persian and Indian languages into Latin.

The text itself opens with a very brief summary of the basic astronomical and astrological knowledge that one might need in order to understand the structure of the cosmos, including a discussion of the planets and their orbs, of the 1022 stars and of the 48 constellations into which the Ancients arranged the stars into recognisable figures from their own mythologies. Fendulus also presents a series of astrological concepts, such as the different qualities that the twelve signs of the zodiac possess and bring to bear on events on Earth.

Forecast for Your Sign in March

This is a brief explanation of the astrological influences on each zodiac sign this month and a supplement to your full predictions at 'Monthly Horoscopes'.

  1. Aries ♈ (March 21 - April 19): Your ruling planet, Mars will be exalted at the beginning of March and Jupiter occupies Aries. You may experience a surge in ambition, determination and positive growth. Aries individuals may be keen to explore new horizons, seek out personal development opportunities and embrace a more adventurous spirit. Around Holi to Easter members of this sign will possess their natural zest for life. They will pursue their ambitions with strategic planning and a touch of luck.
  2. Taurus ♉ (April 20 - May 20): Venus will be conjunct with Mars in the sign of Capricorn and Taurus will be the ascendant of the horoscope chart for early March. These astrological influences will encourage Taurus individuals to pursue their desires with both passion and practicality. They may find themselves more motivated to work on relationship issues or to pursue financial goals with a new sense of determination and balance. Between Holi and Easter, Taureans will desire a time of relaxation in the midst of the demands of the situation. They will however, also look to establish deeper connections with those around them.
  3. Gemini ♊ (May 21 - June 20): A combusted Mercury will be conjunct with the Sun and a combusted Saturn in Aquarius. Geminis might experience challenges in communication and mental processes. They will be in a reflective mood as they harbour feelings of frustration at being misunderstood or not heard. Around Easter, Geminis may find that their usually sharp intellect is somewhat clouded. A susceptibility to being involved in misunderstandings is also likely.
  4. Cancer ♋ (June 21 - July 22): The Moon will be in Libra at the beginning of March, with no direct influences on Cancer. You will strive to bring emotional balance to your life. Between Holi and Easter, Cancerians will analyse their emotional needs and look to release past emotional baggage.
  5. Leo ♌ (July 23 - August 22): The Sun will be conjunct with a combusted Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius in March. This calls for a review of personal goals and communication styles, urging Leos to consider the practicality of their ambitions and the clarity of their expressions. Individuals of this sign may experience a period of introspection and serious thinking, challenging their usual sunny disposition and confidence. The Holi to Easter period will be a good time for Leos to explore their intuitive and spiritual sides. This will be a time for growth through creativity. They should however be wary of misinterpretating new information.
  6. Virgo ♍ (August 23 - September 22): The malefic 'Ketu' occupies Virgo and a combusted Mercury will be conjunct with the Sun and a combusted Saturn in Aquarius. Virgos may find themselves in a phase of profound introspection and re-evaluation, particularly concerning their routines, habits and communication styles. You will be inclined to approach personal and professional relationships cautiously, as you seek to find a balance between critical thinking and empathy. A redefinition of your goals and responsibilities will also be on your mind. During Holi and Easter, Virgos may need to seek clarity and inner peace amidst external confusion.
  7. Libra ♎ (September 23 - October 22): The Moon occupies Libra and Venus is placed in Capricorn with Mars. Librans will experience a heightened sense of emotional balance, seeking harmony and beauty in their relationships and surroundings. Librans will blend their innate aesthetic sense with practical action. Their discipline and keen eye for beauty and balance will lead to romantic and material success. Around the Easter period, Librans may find themselves more open to experimenting with new social dynamics.
  8. Scorpio ♏ (October 23 - November 21): Mars will be in conjunction with Venus, in Capricorn during the beginning of the month. In March, Scorpio sign people might find themselves channeling their intense emotional energy into focused, ambitious pursuits, particularly in their careers and long-term goals. They will adopt a disciplined, strategic approach to both love and work, blending passion with practicality. Scorpios may experience a heightened drive to achieve success and may find themselves more willing to commit to relationships and projects that promise lasting value. Scorpios will channel their energies into creative and intellectual pursuits, during the Holi to Easter period. They will break from convention and try something a little different.
  9. Sagittarius ♐ (November 22 - December 21): Jupiter is currently in Aries and aspects Sagittarius. You will experience a surge of optimism, enthusiasm, and a desire for new adventures and learning opportunities. During March, Sagittarians may find themselves more confident and ready to take on challenges, fueled by Jupiter's beneficial gaze, which enhances their luck, prosperity and overall sense of well-being. Sagittarians will approach Holi with enthusiasm, seeking excitement and embracing new experiences in relationships. In the Holi to Easter period, they will take the lead and express their affections with vigour and intensity. Enjoying the thrill of the occasion will be their focus.
  10. Capricorn ♑ (December 22 - January 19): Venus and Mars occupy this sign and a combusted Saturn occupies Aquarius. Expect challenges in areas relating to communication and dealing with authority figures. Capricorns will be required to navigate such situations with care. March will demand resilience and adaptability, as you may face obstacles in achieving goals, but there may also be opportunities for growth through perseverance. The Holi to Easter period may be one of progressive change. You will be open to engaging in community related activities.
  11. Aquarius ♒ (January 20 - February 18): As March begins, Saturn and Mercury will be combusted in Aquarius with the Sun. This could be a period of introspection and potential communication and self-expression challenges. Aquarians made be required to re-evaluate their long-term relationship and personal goals. Around the end of the mont, you will need to clear away what no longer serves a purpose. During the Holi to Easter period, Aquarians might find themselves balancing between their need for independence and exploration of both platonic and romantic relationships.
  12. Pisces ♓ (February 19 - March 20): Jupiter occupies Aries and the malefic Rahu occupies your sign. You will enjoy a boost of energy and optimism. Rahu may cloud your judgment or lead you towards illusions in your quest for spiritual or material fulfillment. You may need to find a balance between dreams and reality. Navigating this situation wisely will bring future gains. The Holi to Easter period, may be a mix of inspiration and confusion. Pisceans are advised to harness Jupiter's positive energies for personal development while being cautious of misinterpretations and distractions.

Famous Birthdays this Month

Some famous personalities with birthdays in March are:

  • Justin Bieber, March 1, 1994
  • Julie Bowen, March 3, 1970
  • Camila Cabello, March 3, 1997
  • Eva Mendes, March 5, 1974
  • Laura Prepon, March 7, 1980
  • Bobby Fischer, March 9, 1943
  • Jon Hamm, March 10, 1971
  • Albert Einstein, March 14, 1879
  • Simone Biles, March 14, 1977
  • Alexandra Daddario, March 16, 1986
  • Queen Latifah, March 18, 1970
  • Bruce Willis, March 19, 1955
  • Reese Witherspoon, March 22, 1976
  • Jessica Chastain, March 24, 1977
  • Elton John, March 25, 1947
  • Leonard Nimoy, March 26, 1931
  • Vincent van Gogh, March 30, 1853
  • Ewan McGregor, March 31, 1971

Important Dates

These are the most favourable and unfavourable dates this month, according to the prevailing celestial alignments. The good dates are the best of those mentioned for our 'Monthly Lucky Dates' section. This selection is suitable for commencing or undertaking any type of important task, be this of a personal or professional nature. Doing so will multiply your returns and increases the chances of success. The opposite is true of the inauspicious dates.

The Most Auspicious Dates in March

  • March 2:
    • Indian Standard Time (IST) From: March 2, 07:54 to 14:42 (2) IST.
    • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) From: March 1, 21:24 to 04:12 (2) EDT*.
    • A 'Tripushkar Yog' will start on the 1st in N. America (2nd in India), at the time mentioned and end on the 2nd for all areas.
    • This is a 'Tripushkar Yog' that occurs on the 6th day of the waning moon, during the 'Nakshatra' of 'Vishakha'.
    • The 'Vishakha Nakshatra', or constellation is considered to be neutral to auspicious.
  • March 16:
    • Indian Standard Time (IST) From: March 16, 16:06 to 21:39 (16) IST.
    • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) From: March 16, 06:36 to 12:09 (16) EDT*.
    • A 'Dwipushkar Yog' will start on the 16th, at the time mentioned and end on the same day.
    • This occurs on the 7th day of the waxing moon, during the 'Nakshatra' of 'Mrigashirsha'.
    • The 'Mrigashirsha Nakshatra', or constellation is considered to be auspicious.

The Most Inauspicious Dates in March

  • March 3 to 6:
    • Indian Standard Time (IST) From: March 3, 03:55 to 06:30 (6) IST.
    • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) From: March 2, 17:25 to 20:00 (5) EDT*.
    • 'Gand Mool' begins on the 3rd, this then run concurrently with 'Bhadra' from the 4th till the 6th. These will be 7th to 9th days of the waning moon.
  • March 11 to 13:
    • Indian Standard Time (IST) From: March 11, 22:02 to 18:24 (13) IST.
    • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) From: March 11, 12:32 to 08:54 (13) EDT*.
    • Two unfavourable periods, 'Gand Mool' and 'Bhadra' runs concurrently from the 1st to the 4th days of the waxing moon.

* The times shown are in IST (Indian Standard Time). You may use an online time converter to get your local time.

Lunar Phases for March

The moon will follow the following alignments this month:

Waning Crescent of the Moon. Day, 4
At the beginning of the month, the moon will be at day '6' of its waning phase, in Libra. ☽ ♎
The New Moon
The new moon will be on, Sunday, March 10 and the moon will occupy the sign of Aquarius. This will be a 'Super New Moon'. ☽ ♒
The Full Moon
The full moon will be on, Monsday, March 25. This will be a 'Worm Moon' and the moon will be in the sign of Virgo. ☽ ♍

Planetary Trends for March

The horoscope charts will progress as follows during the course of the month. For an explanation of some of the terminology used, see our 'Astrology Glossary'.

  1. At the beginning of March, Venus will rule the ascendant.
  2. A weak Mercury will be the ascendant's lord by the end of the month.
  3. By the end of March, the Sun, Venus, Ketu, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will all occupy favourable or friendly zodiac signs.
Horoscope Chart for Sat March 2 2024 Horoscope chart for Sat March 2 2024.
Horoscope Chart for Mon March 11 2024 Horoscope chart for Mon March 11 2024.
Horoscope Chart for Wed March 20 2024 Horoscope chart for Wed March 20 2024.
Horoscope Chart for Sun March 31 2024 Horoscope chart for Sun March 31 2024.
  1. The Sun ⊙:
    • At the beginning of March, the Sun will be debilitated, at 16°, in the sign of Aquarius. ⊙ ♒
    • By around mid-March, the Sun will be weak at about 1°, placed in the sign of Pisces. ⊙ ♓
    • By the end of the month, the Sun will be conjunct with the malefic Rahu, at about 15°, in Pisces. ⊙ ♓
  2. The Moon ☽:
    • At the beginning of March, the Moon will be in the sign of Libra and strong at 19°. ☽ ♎
    • By around mid-March it will be exalted at about 7°, in the sign of Taurus. ☽ ♉
    • By the end of the month, the Moon will be debilitated in Scorpio, at 11°. ☽ ♏
  3. Jupiter ♃:
    • At the beginning of March, Jupiter will be strong at over 17° and favourably placed in the friendly zodiac sign of Aries. ♃ ♈
    • By around mid-March it will reach just over 19° in Aries. ♃ ♈
    • Jupiter will be conjunct with Mercury in Aries, at 22°, by the end of March. ♃ ♈
  4. Rahu ☊:
    • At the beginning of March, the malefic Rahu will be at about 21° and debilitated in the sign of Pisces. ☊ ♓
    • By around mid-March it will still be at 21°, in Pisces. ☊ ♓
    • By the end of March, Rahu will be in conjunction with the Sun, in Pisces, at over 21°. ☊ ♓
  5. Mercury ☿:
    • At the beginning of March, Mercury will be strong at 18°, but combusted in the enemy sign of Aquarius. ☿ ♒
    • By around mid-March it will be debilitated in Pisces, at 15°, but no longer combusted. ☿ ♓
    • By the end of the month, Mercury will be at 11° and in conjunction with Jupiter, in the enemy zodiac of Aquarius. ☿ ♒
  6. Venus ♀:
    • At the beginning of March, Venus will be strong at just over 22°, in the friendly sign of Capricorn. ♀ ♑
    • By around mid-March this planet will be at about 10° and favourably placed in Aquarius. ♀ ♒
    • By the end of the month, Venus will be in conjunction with with Mars and Saturn, in Aquarius and at 28°. ♀ ♒
  7. Ketu ☋:
    • At the beginning of March, the malefic Ketu will be at 21° and strongly placed in the friendly zodiac sign of Virgo. ☋ ♍
    • By around mid-March it will still be at 21°, in Virgo. ☋ ♍
    • Ketu will remain in Virgo and have increased in strength to 21°. ☋ ♍
  8. Mars ♂:
    • At the beginning of March, Mars will be strong at 18° and exalted in Capricorn. ♂ ♑
    • By around mid-March it will be weak but exalted in Capricorn, at 29°. ♂ ♑
    • By the end of March, Mars will remain exalted in Aquarius, at around 11°. ♂ ♒
  9. Saturn ♄:
    • A combusted Saturn will occupy its own zodiac sign of Aquarius, at 15°. ♄ ♒
    • By mid-March, it will continue to be combusted in Aquarius, at about 17°. ♄ ♒
    • Saturn will be at around 19°, in Aquarius by the end of March, but no longer combusted. ♄ ♒

Stars Watch

The main celestial events for March are:

  1. March 13, a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Aries.
  2. March 14, a Sun-Rahu conjunction in Pisces.
  3. March 16, a Moon-Venus conjunction in Aquarius.
  4. The March 20 will be the day of the March Equinox. That is, the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.
  5. On March 24 Mercury will be at its greatest elongation east. That is, at its farthest distance from the Sun.
  6. March 24-25 will be the first lunar eclipse of 2024.

The horoscope charts for Holi and Easter are shown below:

Horoscope Chart for Holi Horoscope chart for Holi.
Horoscope Chart for Easter Horoscope chart for Easter.

What's Coming Up in April?

Some important events that occur next month are:

  • The first day of April is of course, "April Fool's Day"!
  • The first total solar eclipse of the year occurs in early April.
  • Mercury will be in retrograde in April.
  • April will be Aries and Taurus seasons. We'll be looking at what this means for these two signs.
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