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Astrology of Profection Years

Annual Profection Years
Annual Profection Years
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Did you ever wonder what your age had to do with the major life themes you were encountering?

It turns out that astrology has an answer to that question. Just like the 12 houses in an astrological chart, there are 12 profection years that correspond to those houses and it basically means that annual profection years are used to identify themes for the coming year that start and end with your birthday. Profection simply means, 'Progressing and moving forward'. Don't confuse it with perfection. And like Jupiter cycles, they repeat every 12 years.


1st House Profection Year

When you are born, you start at zero and it is a 1st house profection year. First house profection years are really life-changing and chock full of opportunities. Obviously, when you come into this world, it is a big deal. The ages of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 and 84 are also 1st house profection years. As you get older, a 1st house profection year can also bring the chance to adopt healthier lifestyles. The 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house profection years tend to be the most life-changing and eventful years in life, so keep this in mind.

2nd House Profection Year

At the age of one, you have a 2nd house profection year. This year emphasizes values and finances. Obviously these themes becomes more important in the next round of 2nd house profection years: 13, 25, 37, 49, 61, 73 and 85. Decisions tend to be made from the heart rather than through logic. A baby is developing its emotional nature and at age 13 adolescence is in full bloom.

3rd House Profection Year

The 3rd house profection years occur at the ages of 2, 14, 26, 38, 50, 62, 74 and 86. The prevailing theme of these years is communication. Children are learning to talk and teen-agers are expressing themselves as individuals. In later years, learning, familial relationships and short-distance travel can become more important. Writing and publishing, as well as social media presence, can take prominence in subsequent 3rd house profection years.


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4th House Profection Year

The 4th house profection years of 3, 15, 27, 39, 51, 63, 75, and 87 are also pivotal years in terms of major events occurring. There is a strong theme of home and family. Family issues can arise, especially at the age of 3 and moves can occur as families expand. As you get older, you find it easier to get in touch with your deepest emotions as you begin to process your childhood. This can start happening at the 4th house profection year of 27.

5th House Profection Year

The 5th house profection years of 4, 16, 28, 40, 52, 64, 76 and 88 have themes pertaining to children, marriage, pleasure and creativity. When you are 4 years old, you are really starting to express your true nature. Fifth house profection years can also challenge inner self-expression to the point of coming into more personal power.

6th House Profection Year

The 6th house profection years of 5, 17, 29, 41, 53, 65, 77 and 89 are related to health and daily habits. By the age of 29, work begins to factor in as a theme too. These years can be used in adulthood to create wellness routines.

7th House Profection Year

The 7th house profection years of 6, 18, 30, 42, 54, 66, 78 and 90 involve starting and ending important relationships or partnerships. These are biggies in terms of romance and issues of commitment. Major love affairs and marriage can occur during these years.

8th House Profection Year

The 8th house profection years of 7, 19, 31, 43, 55, 67, 79, and 91 are years associated with birth, death and transformation. Some may get a sibling at age 7 or see the death of a grandparent. While this does not automatically indicate a physical death, it can pertain to allowing parts of yourself and life that no longer serve your highest good to die off and change so that you can be reborn like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Intimacy and shared resources are also prevalent themes during these years; don't rule out an inheritance.

9th House Profection Year

The 9th house profection years of 8, 20, 32, 44, 56, 68, 80 and 92 are times when you will be required to venture out of your comfort zone, take risks, and a leap of faith. Spirituality can also come into play as you seek greater meaning in life. It's also possible to travel or enroll in an educational program during these years.

10th House Profection Year

The 10th house profection years of 9, 21, 33, 45, 57, 69, 81 and 93 are the last group of super-eventful and life-changing years. The focus will be on your life path, career and place in society. During the 30s and 40s a new career could be initiated and as we get older we obtain a greater sense of our soul's purpose in life.


11th House Profection Year

The 11th house profection years of 10, 22, 34, 46, 58, 70, 82 and 94 emphasize friendships and investing in socializing. Friends could literally become more like family to you as these relationships become deeper and more meaningful. You could also find yourself reconnecting with your dreams to make them a reality.

12th House Profection Year

The 12th house profection years of 11, 23, 35, 47, 59, 71, 83 and 95 tend to be years of renewal and solitude as you take stock of life and make necessary adjustments. Deeper levels of emotional healing can occur and in later years you will have more perspective on the patterns and cycles of your life as you prepare for a new 12-year cycle ahead.

Final Thoughts

While not all of us will live into our 90s, it is highly likely that we will experience at least six go-arounds of each profection year and that offers us the opportunity to work on the unique themes that each year 3 represents. So keep that in mind and remember that if you aren't satisfied with the results of one year, you do get another shot in twelve years when it repeats. Twelve is a major number in astrology: there are 12 signs, 12 houses of the chart and 12 profection years.

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