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Colours and Astrology
by Vishaal
All the colors that represent the zodiac signs and planets. A guide to finding your lucky colour and using it for astrology.

The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Taurus
by Linda Simons
A Conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, brings forth a period of change and the birth of new ideas.

Vedic Astrology Yogas
by Vishaal
What are Yogs? What are the best and worst Yogas to have in your chart and how to identify them.

Astrological Remedies for Your Zodiac Sign
by PowerFortunes
Suggestions for astrological talismans and chants to benefit each of the Zodiac Signs.

Annual Profection Years
by Linda Simons
The 12 profection years start and end with your birthday and identify themes for the coming year. An astrological explanation of how you can take advantage of these years.

Astrology of Moon Phases
by Linda Simons
How do the Phases of the Moon affect us astrologically? An in-depth explanation of the 8 Lunar Phases and what they mean for your zodiac sign.

What is the Most Accurate Form of Astrology?
by Vishaal
Details about the most popular types of astrology. Which kind can claim to be the best of all?

Guide for Using Chat GPT for Astrology
by Vishaal
Do Chatbots make good Virtual Astrologers? Can ChatGPT and Google Bard be used to make Astrology Predictions?

Numerology and Horoscopes
by Vishaal
What is numerology and what can it do for you? How do your lucky numbers impact your horoscope?

Palmistry and Astrology
by Vishaal
How real is Palmistry? A complete explanation of How the Lines on Your Palm align with your Astrology Chart.

Is Astrology Blasphemy?
by Vishaal
Can you follow Astrology and still be faithful to your religious beliefs? Is astrology a religion, a superstition, blasphemous, a pseudoscience, or none of the above?

Interpreting Dreams through Astrology
by Vishaal
Your horoscope can interpret your dreams, be they weird dreams, passionate dreams, night terrors or even cases of sleepwalking. Find out about the deep connection between Astrology and our dreams.

Astrology Symbols and Their Meanings
by Vishaal
The history and use of symbols in astrology. What is the symbol for your zodiac sign?

Where do the Laws of Astrology come from?
by Vishaal
An explanation of the main principles of astrology. Where do the laws of astrology come from and what do they say?

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