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Jupiter's Transit through Gemini, 2024
by Linda Simons
In May 2024 Jupiter enters Gemini. Details of this important astrological event and what it means for your zodiac sign.

Planetary Transits for 2024
by Linda Simons
January's planetary alignments sets up 2024 as another year of Astrological Transition. Expert astrologer Linda Simons describes the important astrological transits of the year.

What is the Most Accurate Form of Astrology?
by Vishaal
Details about the most popular types of astrology. Which kind can claim to be the best of all?

Guide for Using Chat GPT for Astrology
by Vishaal
Do Chatbots make good Virtual Astrologers? Can ChatGPT and Google Bard be used to make Astrology Predictions?

Interpreting Dreams through Astrology
by Vishaal
Your horoscope can interpret your dreams, be they weird dreams, passionate dreams, night terrors or even cases of sleepwalking. Find out about the deep connection between Astrology and our dreams.

Vastu Shastra, the Benefits of Ancient Architecture
by Vishaal
Discover the Benefits and Secrets of Vastu Shastra. Can this ancient knowledge Transform Your Home and Life? A simple explanation of the concepts, origins and benefits.

Master the Secrets of Tarot Readings
by PowerFortunes
Tarot Reading 101. Expert Tips for going from Tarot Novice to Pro. Best Practices for Success with Tarot Predictions. How to make a Reading, choose your Deck, Layouts and Create the Perfect Spread.

Are Astrology, Reincarnation and Previous Lives Connected?
by Vishaal
What can Astrology reveal about your Past Lives? Your Horoscope and Reincarnation have a direct connection.

Astrology, Computers and Information Technology
by Vishaal
How has modern technology changed astrology? Can robots make astrology predictions?

The Astrology Guide to Flirting
by Vishaal
Using astrology to flirt. The horoscope chart, zodiac sign, planets and Moon signs that influence a Flirtatious Nature.

How does Astrology Predict the Future?
by Vishaal
How is Astrology used to make Predictions about the Future? Which astrological patterns can provide insight into Your future? What are the limitations?

The Relationship between Astrology and Psychology
by Vishaal
How much can You learn about Your Personality through Astrology? How to use Astrology to Understand Oneself.

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