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Dreams and Astrology

Interpreting Dreams through Astrology
Interpreting Dreams through Astrology

Dreams and dream interpretation are not a central part of astrology. However, astrology is a language of symbols and dreams are a symbolical representation of our higher consciousness, hence there is a deep connection between the two. To examine this further, we need to go back in history, just a little.

The understanding that dreams can be assigned meanings, or the idea of dream interpretation, goes as far back as the ancient Hindu scriptures or the 'Vedas'. Historians date these scriptures back to about 3,500 years ago, but Hindu philosophers believe that they are much older and were created many millennia earlier. The hierarchy of these scriptures is somewhat complex, so without going into too much detail, let's just say that there are three fundamental texts, each with sections on divine worship, religious practice and divine knowledge.

Many of the concepts in these texts are abstract and difficult to grasp, so ancient sages compiled anecdotal accounts that made these concepts more relatable to the average Joe. These simplified texts are known as the 'Purans', which literally means 'Old Books'. So how does all this relate to dreams? Well, it is in these 'Purans' that there are sections relating to dream interpretations and intuitive understanding, as explained by the sages. The concept of Vedic astrology also comes from the 'Vedas', which are texts that are one level higher to the 'Purans'. There is thus, a symbiotic relationship between astrology and our dreams.


Do Dreams Even Matter?

The belief that we are able to access higher spiritual dimensions as we sleep, is a matter that cuts across religious lines. It is said that Lord Budhha's mother, Maha Maya (aka Maya Devi) dreamt of a six tusked, white elephant before Siddharth (later Gautam Buddh), was conceived. This dream brought her the knowledge that a highly enlightened being, who would change the world, would enter her womb. Maha Maya died seven days after Lord Budhha was born and is said to have then transcended to, 'The Heaven of Thirty-Three Gods'. So, it would be safe to assume that dreams do in fact, matter.

Having said that, dreams do come in different varieties and from an astrological perspective, the type of dreams that are thought to be of relevance are, 'Lucid Dreams'. This refers to those dreams that we seem to remember or which impact us on a conscious or subconscious level. Although vivid and intense dreams are more likely during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, this level of sleep is not necessarily a factor in determining if a dream has a prophetic meaning. This is because the astrological factors that are thought to make a dream ominous, may or may not coincide with this type of sleep.

Astrological Factors Responsible for Dreams

The houses of a birth chart that relate to dreams are those that correspond to our conscious and subconscious thoughts. The influences on these houses change in accordance with planetary movement and can determine the nature of our dreams and their meanings. These houses are the:


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  1. The 1st House: This is the ascendant's house and relates to one's thoughts, psyche and physical and mental condition.
  2. The 12th House: This is the house of subconscious thought, past and future lives and the sign of Pisces.
  3. The 8th House: This is the house of death, but more importantly, this can relate to hidden messages and lies opposite to the 12th house.

Certain schools of astrological thought also assign dreams and subconscious thought to the 9th house. This house essentially relates to 'Fate' and Sagittarius, neither of which directly affect the mind or thought. Hence, this is not a strong factor for the purpose of dream analysis.

The 1st house controls how our dreams can change as we pass through different planetary periods or as different planets transit through this house. The 12th house tends to have a more permanent influence and can be responsible for dreams with a recurring theme. Also, a strong influence on the 12th house can mean that your dreams generally play an influential role in your life. This role may be positive or negative, depending on the nature of these influences.

As Pisces is linked to the 12th house, this can be considered to be the zodiac sign for dreams and subconscious thought.

Interpreting Dreams

Some astrologers believe that the meaning of a dream is often the opposite of how the dream itself played out. So for instance, if you see losses, you are in line to receive financial gains. If you see misfortune, good fortune is on the way and so on. However, this can be very subjective and the margin of error can be wide.

To accurately interpret a dream through astrology, ideally one has to maintain a dream journal, in which the details of lucid dreams can be recorded along with the exact times at which they occur. Casting a horoscope for any such time will provide an astrological representation of that dream. This can then be interpreted in the same manner that a horoscope chart normally is. Correlating this against one's own birth chart, will reveal what the effects of this dream are likely to be for the individual in question.

Weird Dreams

Many people often have dreams in which they experience the sensation of free falling from a great height, such as falling from the clouds and being jolted awake by the abruptness of their landing. This is an example of a lucid dream in which it is believed that the soul or astral body floats away from the physical being. This particular type of dream is due to the effects of the South Node, 'Ketu' on the 12th house.

Sleepwalking is believed to be our subconscious way of working through trauma from a previous birth. The roles of the North Node, 'Rahu', Mercury or the Moon on the 12th or 8th houses of the natal chart, can reveal what the reason for this might be and how this can be cured.

Dreams, or rather nightmares of being under attack are a common experience for people suffering from PTSD. In such a case, there may not be a direct astrological factor correlating to the dream itself. There will however, be an astrological reason for the event that triggered the PTSD. If the attack is of a spiritual nature, then an analysis of the prevailing planetary periods and the influences on the 1st, 6th and 12th houses, will reveal if the concerned person is at risk of evil or malevolent energies.

The Planets Responsible for Dreams

In astrology, each of the twelve planets is believed to have an influence on our dreams and each planet offers a unique insight into our subconscious mind. However as explained earlier, the influence of 'Rahu', 'Ketu', Mercury and the Moon on the 1st, 6th, 8th and 12th houses of the natal chart, are responsible for the quality and quantity of the dreams we see.

It is important to note that the descriptions below are only brief, point-by-point details. For an accurate dream analysis, understanding the full context of the dream, is important. The descriptions below can be applied to the planetary alignments that we pass through, the transits of planets through the houses of our charts and the planetary periods that we undergo.

  1. The Sun: The Sun represents our vitality and life force. Its influence on dreams may reflect our sense of identity, self-expression and personal power.
  2. The Moon: The Moon symbolises our emotions and instincts. Dreams influenced by the Moon may reveal our inner desires, emotional needs and nurturing instincts.
  3. Mercury: Mercury represents communication and intellect. Dreams influenced by Mercury may involve money, numbers, mental activity, information processing and the expression of thoughts and ideas.
  4. Venus: Venus symbolises love, beauty and harmony. Dreams influenced by Venus may involve romantic encounters, amorous experiences and desires, visions of objects of beauty and the pursuit of pleasure.
  5. Mars: Mars represents high energy, courage and assertiveness. Dreams influenced by Mars may involve intense emotions, conflict, aggression and the desire for achievement or conquest.
  6. Jupiter: Jupiter symbolises expansion, growth and wisdom. Dreams influenced by Jupiter may reflect a sense of abundance, optimism, a desire to gain knowledge, reading or writing and spiritual or intellectual development.
  7. Saturn: Saturn represents discipline, responsibility and structure. Dreams influenced by Saturn may involve hardship, a feeling of stagnancy, challenges, limitations and the need for self-discipline or self-improvement. As Saturn periods are long, this planet can induce recurring dreams.
  8. Uranus: Uranus symbolises innovation, change and liberation. Dreams influenced by Uranus may involve sudden insights, breakthroughs and unconventional or unexpected experiences.
  9. Neptune: Neptune represents imagination, intuition and spirituality. Dreams influenced by Neptune may be vivid, symbolic and reflect the realms of the subconscious or the mystical.
  10. Pluto: Pluto symbolises transformation, power and the subconscious. Dreams influenced by Pluto may involve deep psychological processes, inner transformation and the exploration of hidden aspects of the self.
  11. North Node, 'Rahu': The North Node represents our 'Karmic' path, hardships, apprehensions and life lessons. Dreams influenced by the North Node may offer insights into our soul's journey, life purpose and 'Karmic' patterns. 'Rahu' can cause dreams associated with passion, carnal desire, harm, loss, evil intent and enemies.
  12. South Node (Ketu): The South Node represents past experiences and release. Dreams influenced by the South Node may reflect unresolved issues, past life memories and the need to let go or detach. 'Rahu' and 'Ketu' are twin planets and hence their effects can be similar. Therefore, dreams influenced by 'Ketu' can also be associated with worries, struggles, spirits, harm and death. Planetary periods of 'Rahu' and 'Ketu' can also be associated with night terrors of a spiritual or evil nature.

Preventing Disturbing Dreams and Nightmares

Astrology offers various remedies that can help alleviate nightmares or promote better sleep. Consulting an experienced astrologer can offer personalised remedies, relative to your specific birth chart and specific situation. Having said that, there are some general good practices that we can all observe for a better night's sleep. This includes sleeping in the right direction. Sleeping with our heads placed in the South or West, such that our feet point to the North or East, aligns us with the flow of positive spiritual energy.

Incorporating meditation and relaxation techniques into your daily routine can help calm the mind, release stress and promote peaceful sleep. Deep breathing 'Yoga' exercises, known as 'Pranayam' are very effective for lowering stress and inducing sound sleep.

Setting the right environment in your bedroom through the use of a light fragrance, such as lavender, rose or jasmine is considered to be astrologically favourable. If you burn an incense, this should be non-bamboo based and should use natural ingredients.

Mahakali Yantra

The powerful Goddess Mahakali protects and annihilates all forms of negative energy. Placing her amulet for protection in your home will shield you from negativity during your waking hours and as you sleep.

Chandrama Yantra

Since the Moon governs our emotions and sleep patterns, strengthening and appeasing the Moon's energy can promote pleasant dreams. This can be achieved by placing a 'Chandarma Yantra', the corresponding talisman for the Moon in your home or specifically in your bedroom.

Aum Yantra

'Om' is the sound of the Universe. Chanting this sound is a form of meditation that brings spiritual growth and relieves stress. Placing the physical representation of 'Om' in your home, will have a similar effect and attract positive spiritual energy into your surroundings.

Mahamrityunjay Amulet

This amulet represents the all powerful, Lord Shiva, who is referred to as Lord to the gods. The Moon resides on his crown and is therefore enternally indebted to him. Shiva is worshipped by all the planets, particularly by the Moon, Saturn, Mars, 'Rahu' and 'Ketu', hence this amulet is a favourable means of appeasing these planets.

Baglamukhi Pendant
The Goddess 'Durga' is the divine consort of Lord Shiva and benevolent form of 'Kali'. This Goddess has nine different forms, 'Baglamukhi' being the 8th and this name means, 'The face that captivates and enchants'. This pendant amulet appeals to Durga's 8th form and wearing this will protect against evil, malevolence and all forms of malicious intent, allowing you to sleep in peace.

Final Thoughts

The mind is a complex device and a world unto itself. Some neuroscientists estimate that 90 to 95% of brain activity is devoted to unconscious actions such as executing reflex functions like breathing and the beating of our hearts. Of this, about 50 to 60% activity is reserved for the subconscious, while cognitive actions only make up about 5% of all brain activity. Make no mistake, the subconscious is a powerful domain, the potential of which we are yet to realise. Luckily the 5% of our brains that we actually do use, encourages us to employ every tool at our disposal, astrology included, to unlock the remaining 95%.

Sweet dreams!

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